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Fleur Pillager

A Native American woman with magical powers who lives on an Indian reservation on her family's land by Lake Matchimanito. She is rumored to consort with the monster that lives in the lake.


An older Native American who is telling his adopted granddaughter about her mother. He gives his granddaughter the name of his dead daughter.

Pauline Puyat

A mixed-blood who is left with her father after her mother and sisters die. She does not like her father's Indian ways and moves to Argus to work in a butcher shop. She gets pregnant but gives the baby up and chooses to join a convent.

Eli Kashpaw

A Native American who believes in the old ways and becomes involved with a woman pregnant with another man's baby. He is devoted to his tribe and the old ways of living.

Margaret Kashpaw

A short, feisty, older, Native...

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