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Chapter 1, Nanapush

• Nanapush talks about the life of the Native American.

• Nanapush talks like a wise old man who has seen and experienced much.

• Nanapush tells how he and Fleur came to be family.

• Fleur nearly dies from the sickness that claims her family.

• The power of overcoming death seems to infuse Fleur.

• Fleur is a mysterious and powerful creature even from a young age.

Chapter 2, Pauline

• Pauline tells about the times Fleur has almost drowned and what happened to the men who helped save her.

• Pauline describes herself as plain and invisible.

• Fleur goes to Argus where she works in a butcher shop.

• Fleur plays poker with the men who work in the shop and wins.

• Pauline feels safe with Fleur around.
• The men get drunk after a poker game and attack Fleur.

• Russell and Pauline trap the men in a meat freezer.

• A tornado rips through...

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