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Short Answer Questions

1. Who played the role of the King in Grotowski's production of "The Constant Prince"?

2. When discussing poetry and myth, Grotowski cites the myth of _____ in "Theatre is an Encounter".

3. In Scene 5 of Grotowski's "Dr. Faustus", Faustus talks to Cornelius and _____.

4. "Akropolis: Treatment of the Text" was written by the literary adviser to The Laboratory, named _____.

5. Grotowski talks of catharsis in comparing how the audience feels for Creon versus _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the costumes of "Akropolis". What do they contribute to the play's interpretation?

2. How did Grotowski develop the theories behind the "poor theatre" and the Theatre Laboratory?

3. How does Grotowski clarify the role of the written text in his theatre?

4. What are some of the different meanings of "theatre" in "The Theatre's New Testament"?

5. Describe the comparison of the Laboratory to the Bohr Institute.

6. In what ways does Grotowski describe the actor as one who sacrifices in "The Theatre's New Testament"?

7. What does Grotowski assert was Artaud's greatest contribution to the theatre?

8. Describe what "trance" and "excess" are as described in "The Theatre's New Testament."

9. How is the audience situated in Grotowski's "Dr. Faustus"? How is the Devil portrayed?

10. Describe the critical review of "The Constant Prince" from the text.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe what Grotowski means when he refers to "acting with the whole body." How is this achieved? How does this apply to the voice?

Essay Topic 2

Define the term "encounter" and discuss this term as it applies to Grotowski's philosophy of performance.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the differences between "rich theatre" and "poor theatre." What does each of these refer to?

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