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The Theatre Laboratory

This is Jerzy Grotowski's school of theatre, which aims for a poor theatre to differentiate itself from film and television.

Actor's Trance

Ideally, the performer in Grotowski's theory is able to enter this state, where inner impulse and outer reaction are identical and unmediated.


This is one of the plays put on by Grotowski's theatre company. It radically reconfigures Wyspianski's original play into a pessimistic look at inmates in an extermination camp circa World War II.

The Via Negativa

This is the method of Grotowski's teaching, which involves the taking away of unwanted restraints in the actor.


This is a series of beats, a set of actions and reactions, which define the actor's performance.

Point of Orientation

This is generally the sum of the actor's experiences in life, his biological traits/tendencies, his goals and desires, etc.

The Total Act

This occurs when...

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