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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information is the letter Henry Dobbins receives in October?
(a) His mother died
(b) His girlfriend is pregnant
(c) His girlfriend dumps him
(d) His sister is sick

2. Where is Lee Strunk when Dave Jensen shows his broken nose?
(a) His foxhole
(b) Playing cards with other men
(c) Around the fire
(d) In the hospital

3. How is Lee Strunk medically treated?
(a) He refuses medical treatment
(b) Village women help fix him
(c) He is choppered back
(d) Rat Kiley give him bandages

4. What makes the men begin to believe in the good luck of Henry Dobbins' object?
(a) Women in the village blow him kisses
(b) He never is picked for tunnel duty
(c) He kills the most number of enemies
(d) He escapes certain death

5. Who is the narrator talking about in Chapter 8, The Dentist?
(a) Curt Lemon
(b) Henry Dobbins
(c) Dave Jensen
(d) Kiowa

Short Answer Questions

1. What memory forced the men to switch from coffee to gin?

2. What movie did Jimmy Cross and Martha see on their date before the war?

3. Who did the monks take a special liking to and call "Soldier Jesus?"

4. What animal does the platoon run into after Curt Lemon's death?

5. What happened when Curt Lemon walked into the tent?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who did you think was the victim as you read the chapter, and who did you think was the victim once you finished it? Why?

2. What would you guess happened during the war that Jimmy asked Tim to leave out of his book?

3. Give an example of a stark contrast between how the men normally behave, and how the war changes their behavior.

4. How would you describe Martha's "separate-but-together quality" her and Lieutenant Cross share? What does she send to represent this quality?

5. What happens to make the platoon believe in the good luck provided by the pantyhose?

6. How did Tim see Curt Lemon's personality?

7. How are the terms of the death pact ultimately carried out?

8. Why does the narrator he is a bad fit to be drafted into the war?

9. Why do you think Martha never married?

10. Why do Jimmy Cross and Tim O'Brien stop drinking coffee, and what do they switch to?

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