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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does he call the object around his neck?
(a) His good luck charm
(b) His closeness to a woman
(c) His guardian angel
(d) His piece of home

2. How long did Alpha Company camp at the pagoda?
(a) About a week
(b) About a month
(c) 1 night
(d) 3 days

3. After his first episode with the dentist, what did Curt Lemon do?
(a) Play a game of checkers
(b) Sit by himself under a tree
(c) Volunteer to go out on patrol
(d) Go for a swim

4. Which man cut off the thumb of a dead Viet-Cong boy?
(a) Mitchell Sanders
(b) Rat Kiley
(c) Norman Bowker
(d) Kiowa

5. What information is the letter Henry Dobbins receives in October?
(a) His girlfriend dumps him
(b) His sister is sick
(c) His girlfriend is pregnant
(d) His mother died

Short Answer Questions

1. What object is Mitchell Sanders described with each time he is talking?

2. Which of the following is NOT a way the men resupplied the things they carried?

3. How do we know the narrator is the author, Tim O'Brien?

4. Who began to tense up in the line waiting for an examination?

5. When was Ted Lavender killed outside of the village Than Khe?

Short Essay Questions

1. How were Lieutenant Cross's tears misinterpreted after the death of Ted Lavender?

2. Who was Elroy Berdahl and what is his significance to the narrator?

3. What was the story for Mitchell Sander's moral of "Nobody listens?"

4. What does Dave Jensen do to make himself square with Lee Strunk?

5. How does Lee Strunk react to his injury?

6. What happens to make the platoon believe in the good luck provided by the pantyhose?

7. How would you describe Martha's "separate-but-together quality" her and Lieutenant Cross share? What does she send to represent this quality?

8. Why do you think Curt's sister gives the response she does?

9. What are Henry Dobbins' tentative plans for after the war?

10. Why do you think Martha never married?

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