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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mitchell Sanders sent what in his letter to the Ohio Draft Board?
(a) Letters home
(b) Photographs
(c) Body lice
(d) A dead boy's thumb

2. What holiday did Curt Lemon celebrate with the villagers?
(a) New Year's
(b) Halloween
(c) Fourth of July
(d) Christmas

3. How long does Tim stay with Elroy at the Tip Top Lodge?
(a) 6 days
(b) 2 days
(c) 1 week
(d) 1 weekend

4. What does Lee Strunk confess to Tim O'Brien in the morning?
(a) He enjoyed the trip to the medical camp
(b) He didn't steal Dave Jensen's jackknife, but he knows who did.
(c) He stole Dave Jensen's jackknife
(d) He always wanted a nose job

5. Who shares the story of the girlfriend in Vietnam?
(a) Rat Kiley
(b) Dave Jensen
(c) Curt Lemon
(d) Mitchell Sanders

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Lee Strunk medically treated?

2. Who is the boyfriend of Mary Anne Bell?

3. How many monks are there to help the men with camp?

4. Which man cut off the thumb of a dead Viet-Cong boy?

5. What profession did Henry Dobbins want to have in high school?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why you think Dave Jensen is so upset someone stole from him.

2. How does Lee Strunk react to his injury?

3. Who did you think was the victim as you read the chapter, and who did you think was the victim once you finished it? Why?

4. What puts the death pact to the test? Be specific.

5. Give a description of boredom as used in the novel.

6. What would you guess happened during the war that Jimmy asked Tim to leave out of his book?

7. Give examples of how the men dealt with death.

8. Who was Elroy Berdahl and what is his significance to the narrator?

9. What caused Henry Dobbins to rule out a career as a minister?

10. What was Martha's response to Jimmy's confession about wanting to hold her knee?

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