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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Kiowa's father do?
(a) Teach Sunday school
(b) Teach elementary school
(c) Work as a mechanic
(d) Work as a gardener

2. How did Rat Kiley tease Tim to keep him out of shock?
(a) He sang songs as he dressed the wound
(b) He pretended Tim had been pregnant
(c) He made jokes about Tim dressing in drag
(d) He quoted from his medical manual in a pompous voice

3. Who is the most "spooked" in the end?
(a) Tim
(b) Azar
(c) Morty Phillips
(d) Bobby Jorgenson

4. Who warns Lt. Cross about the location the men choose to camp in?
(a) The command post
(b) A group of Vietnamese children
(c) A group of Vietnamese women
(d) A group of other soldiers

5. What animal does Tim notice as he tries to process the death of the man he killed?
(a) A snake
(b) A worm
(c) A bird
(d) A butterfly

6. By what area of the body does Norman Bowker attempt to pull the body out of the muck?
(a) His boot
(b) His belt
(c) His hand
(d) His arm

7. Which is not a way the men coped with the night mission?
(a) Safety line
(b) Vitamins for better eye sight
(c) Flashlights
(d) NoDoz

8. Who does Tim blame for his near-death experience?
(a) Mitchell Sanders
(b) Morty Phillips
(c) Bobby Jorgenson
(d) Rat Kiley

9. What part of the story is Tim's own?
(a) The Silver Star part
(b) The part of pulling Kiowa by his boot
(c) The part of playing basketball at the YMCA
(d) The friend drowning part

10. What is the name of Tim's daughter?
(a) Kathleen
(b) Susan
(c) Mary Anne
(d) Martha

11. How does Rat Kiley deal with the mission at first?
(a) By counting as high as he can
(b) By killing all the bugs
(c) By remaining silent
(d) By talking non stop

12. Which soldier is killed in the swampy field, and subsequently stuck in the muck?
(a) Kiowa
(b) Ted Lavender
(c) Rat Kiley
(d) Henry Dobbins

13. What is not a phrase used by the men to describe the dead?
(a) Crispy critter
(b) Cracker jack
(c) Roasted peanut
(d) Crunchie munchie

14. What source of light gave away the platoon's position?
(a) A camera flash
(b) A cigarette
(c) A flashlight
(d) A camp fire

15. How did the old farmer react to Tim?
(a) He raised a shovel in defiance
(b) He smiled as he drove past
(c) He gave him a hug
(d) He shook hands and shared war stories

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the platoon meet in the village?

2. What almost killed Tim?

3. How many soldiers are said to be in the platoon?

4. Other than Kathleen and Tim, who else watched him get into the river?

5. Which is NOT a way the men react to Rat Kiley's injury?

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