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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dave Jensen do when he snaps?
(a) He loses his ability to talk
(b) He screams and climb a tree
(c) He curls into a ball and cries
(d) He shoots his gun into the air

2. What color are Martha's eyes?
(a) Brown
(b) Gray
(c) Blue
(d) Green

3. What do the men call plane rides home to America?
(a) Liberty lifts
(b) Chopper catch
(c) Home runs
(d) Freedom birds

4. What game do Henry Dobbins and Norman Bowker play?
(a) Cards
(b) 20 Questions
(c) Rock, Paper, Scissors
(d) Checkers

5. What happens to Mary Anne Bell in the end, according to Rat Kiley?
(a) She goes out and never returns, becoming a part of Vietnam
(b) She was killed by a land mine
(c) She takes a helicopter back home
(d) She and Mark Fossie get married on the beach

6. Who is unlucky to draw tunnel duty during the mission outside Than Khe?
(a) Lee Strunk
(b) Ted Lavender
(c) Mitchell Sanders
(d) Henry Dobbins

7. What movie did Jimmy Cross and Martha see on their date before the war?
(a) Bonnie and Clyde
(b) Pillow Talk
(c) Rambo
(d) Roman Holiday

8. Who visited the author, Tim O'Brien, to talk?
(a) Jimmy Cross
(b) Mitchell Sanders
(c) Rat Kiley
(d) Kiowa

9. What are Tim's duties at the pig factory?
(a) Declotter
(b) Throat cutter
(c) Packager
(d) Cleaner

10. Where do the men camp in the chapter titled "Church?"
(a) In a village with refugee clerics
(b) A pagoda
(c) At a Christian mission
(d) Beneath a Hindu statue

11. Which man cut off the thumb of a dead Viet-Cong boy?
(a) Kiowa
(b) Rat Kiley
(c) Norman Bowker
(d) Mitchell Sanders

12. What does Dave Jensen ask Lee Strunk?
(a) Does he have any morphine?
(b) Is everything square between them?
(c) Can he have a cigarette?
(d) Can he help him?

13. Which men have a conversation when they see Lt. Cross crying after Ted Lavender's death?
(a) Mitchell Sanders and Dave Jensen
(b) Kiowa and Norman Bowker
(c) Rat Kiley and Kiowa
(d) Norman Bowker and Henry Dobbins

14. How did Jimmy Cross get another photograph of Martha?
(a) He actually saved one from burning in Vietnam
(b) Martha died, and he cut it out of the newspaper
(c) She gave it to him at a college reunion
(d) Martha's mother mailed him one after he came home

15. Norman Bowker's father only cares about what?
(a) His son's position in the army
(b) The medals his son brings home
(c) His son coming home safely
(d) Where his son is serving

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Tim O'Brien when he wrote the book?

2. What is the name of the area the men are in?

3. Who kills Tim Lavender's stray puppy with a Claymore?

4. What happened when Curt Lemon walked into the tent?

5. What was Curt Lemon's bad experience in high school?

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