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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Kiowa teach to Rat Kiley?
(a) How to read
(b) How to make moccasins
(c) How to skin a man
(d) A rain dance

2. How long does Tim stay with Elroy at the Tip Top Lodge?
(a) 1 weekend
(b) 6 days
(c) 2 days
(d) 1 week

3. Where does he stop before crossing the border?
(a) His Aunt's house
(b) Tip Top Lodge
(c) Niagra Falls
(d) At a campsite

4. What part of Lee Strunk's body is broken?
(a) His leg
(b) His nose
(c) His arm
(d) His ego

5. How is Lee Strunk medically treated?
(a) Rat Kiley give him bandages
(b) He refuses medical treatment
(c) Village women help fix him
(d) He is choppered back

6. What do the men call plane rides home to America?
(a) Freedom birds
(b) Liberty lifts
(c) Home runs
(d) Chopper catch

7. What does Lee Strunk confess to Tim O'Brien in the morning?
(a) He enjoyed the trip to the medical camp
(b) He always wanted a nose job
(c) He stole Dave Jensen's jackknife
(d) He didn't steal Dave Jensen's jackknife, but he knows who did.

8. "If you weren't humping, you were __________."
(a) Sleeping
(b) Tired
(c) Playing Games
(d) Waiting

9. Where is Martha a student?
(a) New Jersey College
(b) Madison State University
(c) Princeton University
(d) Mount Sebastian College

10. How much money is the "Emergency Fund" envelope?
(a) $50
(b) $200
(c) $150
(d) $115

11. After his first episode with the dentist, what did Curt Lemon do?
(a) Sit by himself under a tree
(b) Volunteer to go out on patrol
(c) Play a game of checkers
(d) Go for a swim

12. Why is Kiowa against camping at the pagoda?
(a) Because it is disrespectful to religion
(b) Because the enemy took all the valuable supplies
(c) Because the monks won't let an Indian sleep inside their walls
(d) Because it isn't strategic

13. Who tells the war story about the listening patrol?
(a) Mitchell Sanders
(b) Rat Kiley
(c) Dave Jensen
(d) Tim O'Brien

14. What game do Henry Dobbins and Norman Bowker play?
(a) 20 Questions
(b) Checkers
(c) Cards
(d) Rock, Paper, Scissors

15. What animal does the platoon run into after Curt Lemon's death?
(a) Baby snake
(b) Baby water buffalo
(c) Baby deer
(d) Baby goat

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was excused from tunnel duty due to size?

2. If you follow the dink, you stay in the _____________.

3. Where do the men camp in the chapter titled "Church?"

4. Who has a sister Rat Kiley writes a letter to?

5. What does Rat Kiley do first to the baby water buffalo?

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