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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color are Martha's eyes?
(a) Brown
(b) Green
(c) Blue
(d) Gray

2. What profession did Henry Dobbins want to have in high school?
(a) A travel writer
(b) A minister
(c) A firefighter
(d) A military officer

3. What does he call the object around his neck?
(a) His guardian angel
(b) His piece of home
(c) His closeness to a woman
(d) His good luck charm

4. When Kiowa says "No choice, Tim. What else could you do?" what can we assume he is talking about?
(a) A man Tim killed
(b) Tim forgot to warn the platoon about a land mine he saw
(c) Tim running away
(d) Tim's girlfriend wrote a letter to say she was seeing someone else

5. How is Lee Strunk medically treated?
(a) He is choppered back
(b) He refuses medical treatment
(c) Rat Kiley give him bandages
(d) Village women help fix him

6. What movie did Jimmy Cross and Martha see on their date before the war?
(a) Rambo
(b) Roman Holiday
(c) Pillow Talk
(d) Bonnie and Clyde

7. If you follow the dink, you stay in the _____________.
(a) sink
(b) pink
(c) stink
(d) rink

8. Mitchell Sanders sent what in his letter to the Ohio Draft Board?
(a) Letters home
(b) A dead boy's thumb
(c) Photographs
(d) Body lice

9. What does Dave Jensen do with the pistol?
(a) He gives it to Less Strunk as a peace offering
(b) He captures a Viet Cong
(c) He breaks his own nose
(d) He shoots down a bird

10. Who is unlucky to draw tunnel duty during the mission outside Than Khe?
(a) Lee Strunk
(b) Ted Lavender
(c) Henry Dobbins
(d) Mitchell Sanders

11. When was Ted Lavender killed outside of the village Than Khe?
(a) First week of August
(b) Middle of August
(c) First week of April
(d) Middle of April

12. Which of the following is NOT a way the men resupplied the things they carried?
(a) Supply chopper
(b) Scavenging from fallen enemies
(c) Supply tent
(d) Mail

13. Who are the men order to see?
(a) The company commander
(b) The psychologist
(c) The doctor
(d) The dentist

14. How old is Tim O'Brien when he wrote the book?
(a) 55
(b) 62
(c) 21
(d) 43

15. What does Mitchell Sanders call 'Nam'?
(a) Hell
(b) Garden of Evil
(c) Garden of Eden
(d) Heaven

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Tim's first job after college?

2. Who did the monks take a special liking to and call "Soldier Jesus?"

3. What changed in late August between Lee Strunk and Dave Jensen?

4. What does Lee Strunk confess to Tim O'Brien in the morning?

5. What is the name of the area the men are in?

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