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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Curt Lemon "all smiles" the next morning?
(a) To show off the tooth he had pulled
(b) To make everyone know how great he was at killing Viet Cong
(c) To keep from laughing at the rest of the platoon
(d) To celebrate his attack on the dentist

2. What was Curt Lemon's bad experience in high school?
(a) A bad experience with a girlfriend
(b) A bad experience with a dentist
(c) A bad experience with a principal
(d) A bad experience with a doctor

3. Martha became a trained __________.
(a) Nurse
(b) Teacher
(c) Writer
(d) Doctor

4. How is Henry Dobbins described by the narrator?
(a) Bad man and scared soldier
(b) Great man and bad soldier
(c) Good man and superb soldier
(d) Weird man and stupid soldier

5. Before going out on ambush patrol, what does Henry Dobbins wrap around his neck?
(a) A necklace his mother gave him
(b) A woman's scarf he stole from a village
(c) His sister's scarf
(d) His girlfriend's pantyhose

6. Where is Lee Strunk when Dave Jensen shows his broken nose?
(a) In the hospital
(b) Around the fire
(c) Playing cards with other men
(d) His foxhole

7. What makes the men begin to believe in the good luck of Henry Dobbins' object?
(a) Women in the village blow him kisses
(b) He escapes certain death
(c) He kills the most number of enemies
(d) He never is picked for tunnel duty

8. Mitchell Sanders sent what in his letter to the Ohio Draft Board?
(a) Letters home
(b) A dead boy's thumb
(c) Photographs
(d) Body lice

9. Who is the narrator talking about in Chapter 8, The Dentist?
(a) Curt Lemon
(b) Kiowa
(c) Dave Jensen
(d) Henry Dobbins

10. After his first episode with the dentist, what did Curt Lemon do?
(a) Go for a swim
(b) Volunteer to go out on patrol
(c) Play a game of checkers
(d) Sit by himself under a tree

11. What company are the men in?
(a) Delta Company
(b) Bravo Company
(c) Charlie Company
(d) Alpha Company

12. What profession did Henry Dobbins want to have in high school?
(a) A travel writer
(b) A military officer
(c) A firefighter
(d) A minister

13. When Kiowa says "No choice, Tim. What else could you do?" what can we assume he is talking about?
(a) Tim running away
(b) A man Tim killed
(c) Tim forgot to warn the platoon about a land mine he saw
(d) Tim's girlfriend wrote a letter to say she was seeing someone else

14. How does the sister respond to Rat Kiley's letter?
(a) She thanks Rat for the letter
(b) She asks Rat to visit
(c) She never writes back
(d) She starts writing Rat love letters

15. Who tells the war story about the listening patrol?
(a) Tim O'Brien
(b) Dave Jensen
(c) Mitchell Sanders
(d) Rat Kiley

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Lee Strunk's body is broken?

2. Who gets into a fist fight?

3. How old is Tim O'Brien when he wrote the book?

4. What word does Ted Lavender use to describe the war?

5. How does Lee Strunk think the doctors will treat the wound?

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