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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Dr. Nolan, how often will Esther need to have shock treatments?
(a) 3 times a month
(b) Every other week
(c) 3 times a week
(d) 2 times a week

2. What trait does Dr. Nolan say women find attractive in each other?
(a) Beauty
(b) Intelligence
(c) Compassion
(d) Tenderness

3. What complaint do all of the patients at the hospital have of Esther's volunteer work?
(a) They do not like her stand offish attitude.
(b) They do not like her rearranging their flowers.
(c) She drops the flower vases and spills the water.
(d) She does not deliver the correct bouquets.

4. What does Esther tell her mother after the treatment that makes her feel relieved?
(a) She has decided to not be depressed anymore.
(b) She will not go back to Dr. Gordon again.
(c) Dr. Gordon says she is cured.
(d) She feels much better after the treatment.

5. What does Esther wear to her exit hearing at the asylum?
(a) A black wool suit
(b) A purple dress and cameo brooch
(c) A red wool suit
(d) A red dress

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Esther after having sex with Irwin?

2. How does the shock treatment make Esther feel?

3. What does Joan find in a magazine that shocks Esther?

4. Why does Dr. Nolan restrict Esther's visitors?

5. Where will Esther live after leaving the asylum?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the circumstances that led to Esther's hospitalization.

2. How does Esther feel as she is waiting to enter her exit hearing?

3. What keeps Esther from drowning herself at the beach?

4. Describe the scene at the cemetery.

5. Describe Esther's feelings as she visits the gynecologist.

6. Describe the circumstances that led to Joan's hospitalization.

7. Describe Irwin

8. Describe Esther's feelings about the women living in Belsize

9. How does Esther find out about Joan's homosexuality?

10. What is the only item that gives Esther pleasure in the hospital? Why?

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