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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Doreen tells Lenny she will go to his apartment only if---
(a) Lenny will pay for the girls' drinks.
(b) Lenny will order her another old fashioned.
(c) Frankie will not be there.
(d) Esther/Elly will accompany her.

2. Which of the following does NOT adorn the waiting room at the sanatorium?
(a) A fountain
(b) Leather chairs
(c) Plants
(d) Magazines

3. Why does Esther's mother ask her about what happened to her face?
(a) She has streaks of blood on each cheek.
(b) Her face is bruised from Marco's attack.
(c) She refuses to smile or move her face.
(d) She is wearing much more makeup than she usually does.

4. What trait makes Esther admire Jay Cee?
(a) Her success
(b) Her directness
(c) Her intelligence
(d) Her looks

5. What does Esther do to let Constantin know she is interested in having sex with him?
(a) She lays down on his bed.
(b) She tells him she would like to have sex with him.
(c) She undresses.
(d) She kisses him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What national event is Esther concerned with as the book opens?

2. Why doesn't Esther want her picture taken for the magazine?

3. Why does Mr. Manzi like Esther so much?

4. What is Esther's first reaction when Buddy proposes to her?

5. Where is Marco from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Esther upset when Buddy tells her he is no longer a virgin?

2. What happens on the hill behind the chemistry lab at Yale?

3. What does Esther think makes her a neurotic?

4. What is Esther's opinion of Betsy?

5. Why does Mr. Willard leave Esther alone with Buddy at the sanatorium?

6. What is Eric's philosophy on sexual relationships?

7. Why does Esther decide to take a bath when she returns to her hotel?

8. What leads Esther to be invited for lunch by Philomena Guinea?

9. Describe Buddy's letter to Esther (that is waiting for her when she gets home).

10. Why does Marco attack Esther?

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