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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What keeps Esther from losing her virginity to Constantin?
(a) She receives a phone call and must leave his apartment.
(b) They fall asleep.
(c) Constantin refuses to have sex with her.
(d) She decides that she would rather wait until she is married.

2. What surprises Esther about Buddy's appearance when she first sees him at the sanatorium?
(a) He has lost weight.
(b) He looks pale and sickly.
(c) He has cut his hair short.
(d) He has gained weight.

3. What does Esther hear as she lays in bed on the first morning she is home?
(a) Her mother practicing typing
(b) The squeak of carriage wheels
(c) The phone ringing
(d) A car pulling out of a driveway

4. What does Buddy tell Esther she will want to abandon once she has children?
(a) Poetry
(b) Reading
(c) College
(d) Her career

5. Why does Doreen vomit on the carpet of the hotel hallway?
(a) She has food poisoning.
(b) She has the flu.
(c) She is drunk.
(d) She is upset that Lenny dumped her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Esther's response to Buddy's marriage proposal?

2. When does Esther say she found out Buddy was a hypocrite?

3. Why won't Esther let Doreen come into her room when she returns from Lenny's?

4. What does the Ladies' Day magazine staff send to the girls as gifts?

5. What does Esther do to let Constantin know she is interested in having sex with him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens on the hill behind the chemistry lab at Yale?

2. Contrast Esther's and Buddy's feelings about his diagnosis

3. Describe the article that Esther's mother gives her from Reader's Digest ("In Defense of Chastity").

4. Who are Frankie and Lenny?

5. How does Buddy tell Esther about losing his virginity?

6. Why does Esther decide to take a bath when she returns to her hotel?

7. What is Esther's standing joke with her grandfather about caviar?

8. What is Esther's opinion of Betsy?

9. Describe Buddy's first visit to Esther's college

10. Who is Mrs. Ockenden?

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