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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Esther tell Frankie her name is?
(a) Elly Higginbottom
(b) Doreen
(c) Elly Greenwood
(d) Esther Greenwood

2. Why is Esther's room full of smoke when she returns home from Lenny's apartment?
(a) Doreen left a cigarette burning in an ashtray.
(b) The smoke materialized out of nowhere.
(c) There is a fire in Esther's room.
(d) Doreen had been smoking before they left and had failed to open the window.

3. Why has a medical student been assigned to deliver the woman's baby on the day Esther and Buddy visit the hospital?
(a) The doctor on call is stuck in traffic.
(b) The doctor assigned to the woman is attending to another birth.
(c) Delivering a baby is a medical school requirement.
(d) Delivering eight babies is a medical school requirement.

4. Why does Mr. Manzi like Esther so much?
(a) She always earns A's in his courses.
(b) He believes she has a purely intellectual interest in science.
(c) He believes she has the skills and talent to be a successful science major.
(d) She asks interesting questions during his lectures.

5. Where do Buddy and Esther go after the Yale Junior Prom?
(a) To a hill behind the chemistry lab
(b) To Buddy's fraternity house
(c) Back to Esther's college
(d) To a bar

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Esther "cursed" to have had to eat breakfast with in the hotel cafeteria?

2. Where is Marco from?

3. How does Esther feel as she careens down the ski slope?

4. What course keeps Esther from considering a major in English?

5. What trait makes Esther admire Jay Cee?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Esther and Hilda's conversation at breakfast.

2. How does Esther convince the college to exempt her from the chemistry course requirement?

3. Describe the situation that leads Esther to leave Lenny's apartment

4. How does Buddy tell Esther about losing his virginity?

5. What does Esther decide about her friendship with Doreen the night of their visit to Lenny's apartment? What causes her to make this decision?

6. Describe the sanatorium where Buddy is receiving treatment for TB.

7. Why does Marco give Esther his diamond stick pin?

8. How does Buddy react when Esther falls while skiing?

9. What is Esther's standing joke with her grandfather about caviar?

10. What leads Esther to be invited for lunch by Philomena Guinea?

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