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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jody call Esther?
(a) To see if she still needs a room in her house
(b) To inquire about Buddy
(c) To see when she will arrive at college for the summer
(d) To ask about her magazine internship

2. Why is Esther living in New York City in the summer of 1953?
(a) Esther is taking a summer writing course.
(b) As the award for winning a writing contest, she is interning at a fashion magazine.
(c) She is attending New York University.
(d) As the award for winning a modeling contest, she is modeling for a fashion magazine.

3. What is Lenny Shepherd famous for?
(a) He is popular dancer.
(b) He is a popular disc jockey.
(c) He is the owner of a popular bar.
(d) He is a popular actor.

4. What does Esther think may have caused Buddy's TB?
(a) His insensitivity to her feelings
(b) His unwillingness to wear gloves when examining patients
(c) His dishonesty
(d) His compromised immune system

5. How does Doreen avoid getting food poisoning?
(a) She does not attend the luncheon because she is at the office working with Jay Cee.
(b) She only eats dessert.
(c) She doesn't eat the food because she is trying to stay thin for Lenny.
(d) She does not attend the luncheon because she is at Coney Island with Lenny.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trait does Buddy have that Esther thinks would make him a good teacher?

2. Why does Esther order vodka at the bar?

3. Why does Esther like Doreen?

4. What does Esther do to offend the driver of the first cab she rides in?

5. What surprises Esther about the English program at her mother's college?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Amazon.

2. Describe Esther and Hilda's conversation at breakfast.

3. Describe the situation that leads Esther to leave Lenny's apartment

4. How does Buddy react when Esther falls while skiing?

5. Why is Esther upset when Buddy tells her he is no longer a virgin?

6. What does Esther think makes her a neurotic?

7. What is Eric's philosophy on sexual relationships?

8. Compare Constantin and Buddy.

9. Describe the story that Esther reads in the short story book from the Ladies' Day magazine

10. Why is Esther so enamored with the rich foods she is served at the Ladies' Day luncheon?

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