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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has a medical student been assigned to deliver the woman's baby on the day Esther and Buddy visit the hospital?
(a) Delivering eight babies is a medical school requirement.
(b) Delivering a baby is a medical school requirement.
(c) The doctor on call is stuck in traffic.
(d) The doctor assigned to the woman is attending to another birth.

2. Why is Esther living in New York City in the summer of 1953?
(a) Esther is taking a summer writing course.
(b) She is attending New York University.
(c) As the award for winning a modeling contest, she is modeling for a fashion magazine.
(d) As the award for winning a writing contest, she is interning at a fashion magazine.

3. Why had Esther visited her family doctor?
(a) She needs a referral for a psychiatrist.
(b) She has developed laryngitis.
(c) She is plagued by anxiety.
(d) She cannot read or sleep.

4. What is Lenny Shepherd famous for?
(a) He is the owner of a popular bar.
(b) He is a popular actor.
(c) He is popular dancer.
(d) He is a popular disc jockey.

5. Who comes to rescue Esther when she passes out in the bathroom of the Amazon?
(a) Betsy
(b) The hotel nurse
(c) Doreen
(d) The hotel maid

Short Answer Questions

1. Doreen tells Lenny she will go to his apartment only if---

2. What course keeps Esther from considering a major in English?

3. What unusual gift does Buddy give Esther when she arrives in his room?

4. When does Esther say she found out Buddy was a hypocrite?

5. What is Esther's first reaction when Buddy proposes to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the article that Esther's mother gives her from Reader's Digest ("In Defense of Chastity").

2. Describe the movie that the girls go to see from Esther's point of view

3. What is Eric's philosophy on sexual relationships?

4. Contrast Esther's and Buddy's feelings about his diagnosis

5. Describe the sanatorium where Buddy is receiving treatment for TB.

6. What leads Esther to be invited for lunch by Philomena Guinea?

7. According to Esther, what is her mother's opinion of her interest in becoming a writer or editor?

8. Describe the situation that leads Esther to leave Lenny's apartment

9. Describe the events that lead to Esther's food poisoning

10. Why does Marco attack Esther?

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