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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the women in Belsize know they will be having shock treatments?
(a) Their breakfast tray is not delivered.
(b) Their psychiatrists tell them.
(c) They receive a note the night before.
(d) They are woken up early for treatments.

2. Which of the following is NOT a privilege given to residents of Belsize?
(a) shopping
(b) visits home
(c) town visits
(d) walks

3. What treasure does Esther take with her to solitary confinement?
(a) A mirror
(b) A letter from Buddy
(c) A ball of mercury
(d) A book of poetry

4. Who do Esther and Joan both get letters from?
(a) Mr. & Mrs. Willard
(b) Buddy
(c) Dr. Gordon
(d) Jay Cee

5. What concern about her future does Buddy express to Esther?
(a) What man will marry her after being in an asylum
(b) How she will be able to have a literary career when she can't write
(c) How she'll be able to maintain her sanity in the
(d) What people will be willing to befriend her after being in an asylum

6. Where does Esther have Irwin drive her to?
(a) The hospital
(b) The asylum
(c) Joan's apartment
(d) Dr. Nolan's apartment

7. Why does Dr. Nolan arrive early at Esther's room one day?
(a) To tell her she will be having a shock treatment
(b) To tell her her mother will be visiting later in the day
(c) To tell her she is improving
(d) To have a private therapy session

8. What does the nurse tell Esther to help her feel more relaxed during her first shock treatment?
(a) Few patients have negative side effects.
(b) She will feel like she has gone to sleep.
(c) It will hardly hurt.
(d) All patients are scared to death the first time.

9. How does the shock treatment make Esther feel?
(a) Calm
(b) Terrible
(c) Angry
(d) Sleepy

10. Who does Jody set Esther up on a blind date with?
(a) Cal
(b) Dr. Gordon
(c) Mark
(d) Buddy

11. What is unusual about Miss Norris?
(a) She will not leave her room.
(b) She does not speak.
(c) She is not friendly to Esther.
(d) She wears a cameo brooch.

12. Why does Esther compare her photo with that of a dead girl published in the paper?
(a) To see if they wore their hair the same way.
(b) To see if they might be long lost sisters.
(c) To see if they look enough alike for Esther to fake her death.
(d) To see if they looked enough alike to kill herself.

13. What treatment does Dr. Gordon suggest for Esther?
(a) Shock treatment
(b) Continued weekly appointments with him
(c) Admittance to an asylum
(d) Anti-depressants

14. What does Mrs. Tomollilo do that gets her placed in the psychiatric ward?
(a) She tries to kill her mother in law.
(b) She tries to kill herself.
(c) She giggles uncontrollably all of the time.
(d) She sticks her tongue out at her mother-in-law.

15. Who does Esther meet at the Widener Library?
(a) Irwin
(b) Buddy
(c) Joan
(d) Jody

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dr. Nolan restrict Esther's visitors?

2. What happens to Esther after having sex with Irwin?

3. What led Joan to run away from home?

4. Who is Esther's next door neighbor in the hospital once her room is moved "up front"?

5. Why does Esther's mother bring her roses?

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