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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has it been since Esther has slept?
(a) 21 days
(b) 30 days
(c) 14 days
(d) 7 days

2. Why does Esther visit the cemetery?
(a) To visit her father's grave
(b) To contemplate suicide
(c) To visit her grandparents' graves
(d) To select a gravesite for her body

3. What sort of doctor does Dr. Nolan refer Esther to?
(a) A psychiatrist
(b) A gynecologist
(c) An obstetrician
(d) A orthopedist

4. What does the nurse tell Esther to help her feel more relaxed during her first shock treatment?
(a) She will feel like she has gone to sleep.
(b) All patients are scared to death the first time.
(c) Few patients have negative side effects.
(d) It will hardly hurt.

5. What does Joan find in a magazine that shocks Esther?
(a) An article that Esther wrote
(b) An article about her disappearance
(c) A photo of her time in NYC
(d) A photo of Buddy and his new girlfriend

6. How does the shock treatment make Esther feel?
(a) Sleepy
(b) Calm
(c) Terrible
(d) Angry

7. Who is Joan having an affair with at the asylum?
(a) Esther
(b) Valerie
(c) Buddy
(d) Dee Dee

8. What does Esther always have with her as she walks around Belsize?
(a) A photograph
(b) A book
(c) Paper and a pencil
(d) A blanket

9. Who do Esther and Joan both get letters from?
(a) Buddy
(b) Dr. Gordon
(c) Jay Cee
(d) Mr. & Mrs. Willard

10. Who is Joan planning on living with when she leaves the asylum?
(a) Her parents
(b) Esther
(c) Her old college roommate
(d) Nurse Kennedy

11. How does Dr. Gordon respond to Esther's torn letter to Doreen?
(a) He asks to speak to her mother.
(b) He is sympathetic to her concerns about not being able to write.
(c) He changes the subject.
(d) He diagnoses her as depressed.

12. Why is Esther surprised when the nurse tells her she is moving to Belsize?
(a) Dr. Nolan had told her it would be some time before she was moved up.
(b) She is angry that they are moving her down.
(c) She does not feel well enough to move up.
(d) She never thought she'd make it to Belsize.

13. What trait does Dr. Nolan say women find attractive in each other?
(a) Compassion
(b) Beauty
(c) Intelligence
(d) Tenderness

14. What does Mrs. Mole do that makes the nurses put her in her room for dinner?
(a) She slaps her thighs and yells at the doctors.
(b) She dumps all of the green beans on her plate.
(c) She insults the food service person.
(d) She complains about the food that is served that day.

15. Where will Esther live after leaving the asylum?
(a) Her mother's home
(b) Her college dormitory
(c) The Amazon hotel
(d) With the Willards

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Esther wear to her exit hearing at the asylum?

2. What is unusual about Miss Norris?

3. What concern about her future does Buddy express to Esther?

4. Other than tabloid magazines, what type of books is Esther able to read?

5. What does Esther notice about the people outside of the hospital?

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