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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Esther surprised when the nurse tells her she is moving to Belsize?
(a) Dr. Nolan had told her it would be some time before she was moved up.
(b) She does not feel well enough to move up.
(c) She never thought she'd make it to Belsize.
(d) She is angry that they are moving her down.

2. What treasure does Esther take with her to solitary confinement?
(a) A ball of mercury
(b) A book of poetry
(c) A letter from Buddy
(d) A mirror

3. What does Esther wear to her exit hearing at the asylum?
(a) A red dress
(b) A purple dress and cameo brooch
(c) A red wool suit
(d) A black wool suit

4. Who does Esther meet at the Widener Library?
(a) Irwin
(b) Joan
(c) Jody
(d) Buddy

5. Why does Esther dislike Dr. Gordon?
(a) He had her committed to a public hospital.
(b) He failed to cure her depression.
(c) She didn't feel like he listened to her during their sessions.
(d) He gave her painful shock treatments.

6. How does Esther learn of the circumstances that led to her rescue from the basement?
(a) Through a news article Joan shows her.
(b) Dr. Nolan tells her.
(c) Through a letter that her mother writes her.
(d) Joan tells her.

7. What treatment does Dr. Gordon suggest for Esther?
(a) Admittance to an asylum
(b) Anti-depressants
(c) Shock treatment
(d) Continued weekly appointments with him

8. What does Esther notice about the people outside of the hospital?
(a) They all look sick.
(b) They have blank looks on their faces.
(c) They are hardly moving.
(d) They look like they do not belong at the hospital.

9. What infuriates Esther in Dr. Gordon's office?
(a) The photograph of his family
(b) His silver pencil
(c) The plants
(d) The lighting

10. What does the nurse tell Esther to help her feel more relaxed during her first shock treatment?
(a) She will feel like she has gone to sleep.
(b) All patients are scared to death the first time.
(c) It will hardly hurt.
(d) Few patients have negative side effects.

11. Why does Dr. Nolan arrive early at Esther's room one day?
(a) To tell her her mother will be visiting later in the day
(b) To have a private therapy session
(c) To tell her she is improving
(d) To tell her she will be having a shock treatment

12. What is unusual about Miss Norris?
(a) She does not speak.
(b) She wears a cameo brooch.
(c) She is not friendly to Esther.
(d) She will not leave her room.

13. Where will Esther live after leaving the asylum?
(a) With the Willards
(b) Her mother's home
(c) Her college dormitory
(d) The Amazon hotel

14. Why does Dr. Nolan restrict Esther's visitors?
(a) Dr. Nolan is concerned for Esther's safety.
(b) Esther's mother requested that no one be able to see her.
(c) She believes the visitors set back Esther's progress.
(d) Dr. Nolan does not like Esther's mother.

15. Why doesn't Esther wash her clothes or bathe?
(a) It seems silly to her.
(b) She wants to preserve the memory of her time in NYC.
(c) It irritates her mother.
(d) She is too tired because she has not slept in days.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Bannister discover about Esther one evening?

2. According to Dr. Nolan, how often will Esther need to have shock treatments?

3. What concern about her future does Buddy express to Esther?

4. What does Mrs. Tomollilo do that gets her placed in the psychiatric ward?

5. Who is Joan having an affair with at the asylum?

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