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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Esther tell her mother after the treatment that makes her feel relieved?
(a) Dr. Gordon says she is cured.
(b) She feels much better after the treatment.
(c) She has decided to not be depressed anymore.
(d) She will not go back to Dr. Gordon again.

2. Who does Esther meet at the Widener Library?
(a) Buddy
(b) Irwin
(c) Jody
(d) Joan

3. What does Mrs. Tomollilo do that gets her placed in the psychiatric ward?
(a) She tries to kill herself.
(b) She tries to kill her mother in law.
(c) She giggles uncontrollably all of the time.
(d) She sticks her tongue out at her mother-in-law.

4. What does Joan find in a magazine that shocks Esther?
(a) A photo of Buddy and his new girlfriend
(b) An article about her disappearance
(c) An article that Esther wrote
(d) A photo of her time in NYC

5. What treatment does Dr. Gordon suggest for Esther?
(a) Continued weekly appointments with him
(b) Admittance to an asylum
(c) Anti-depressants
(d) Shock treatment

6. Who does Jody set Esther up on a blind date with?
(a) Buddy
(b) Dr. Gordon
(c) Mark
(d) Cal

7. What happens to Esther after having sex with Irwin?
(a) He treats her poorly and she leaves his apartment angry.
(b) She begins feeling like a grown woman.
(c) She begins hemorrhaging.
(d) She regrets having lost her virginity to him.

8. What complaint do all of the patients at the hospital have of Esther's volunteer work?
(a) They do not like her stand offish attitude.
(b) They do not like her rearranging their flowers.
(c) She drops the flower vases and spills the water.
(d) She does not deliver the correct bouquets.

9. Why does Esther contact Irwin?
(a) To tell him she is leaving the asylum
(b) To chastise him for injuring her
(c) To demand he pays her medical bills
(d) To set up another date

10. How does Esther ultimately decide she will do to commit suicide?
(a) Cut her wrists
(b) Hang herself
(c) Take all of her sleeping pills
(d) Drown herself

11. Why does Valerie have scars on her head?
(a) She has had a lobotomy.
(b) She tried to kill herself.
(c) She had many shock treatments.
(d) She was in an accident and had a head injury.

12. Why did Joan say she dated Buddy?
(a) She wanted to hide her homosexuality.
(b) She liked his parents.
(c) She hoped to marry a doctor someday.
(d) She found him attractive.

13. Why does Dr. Nolan restrict Esther's visitors?
(a) She believes the visitors set back Esther's progress.
(b) Esther's mother requested that no one be able to see her.
(c) Dr. Nolan does not like Esther's mother.
(d) Dr. Nolan is concerned for Esther's safety.

14. Why doesn't Esther wash her clothes or bathe?
(a) She is too tired because she has not slept in days.
(b) It seems silly to her.
(c) It irritates her mother.
(d) She wants to preserve the memory of her time in NYC.

15. What does the nurse tell Esther to help her feel more relaxed during her first shock treatment?
(a) She will feel like she has gone to sleep.
(b) All patients are scared to death the first time.
(c) Few patients have negative side effects.
(d) It will hardly hurt.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Buddy Willard visit Esther in the asylum?

2. Other than tabloid magazines, what type of books is Esther able to read?

3. What does Esther wear to her exit hearing at the asylum?

4. How does Esther learn of the circumstances that led to her rescue from the basement?

5. How does Dr. Gordon respond to Esther's torn letter to Doreen?

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