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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Esther and Joan both get letters from?
(a) Buddy
(b) Dr. Gordon
(c) Jay Cee
(d) Mr. & Mrs. Willard

2. Where does Esther have Irwin drive her to?
(a) Dr. Nolan's apartment
(b) Joan's apartment
(c) The hospital
(d) The asylum

3. What trait does Dr. Nolan say women find attractive in each other?
(a) Beauty
(b) Intelligence
(c) Compassion
(d) Tenderness

4. Why is Esther surprised when the nurse tells her she is moving to Belsize?
(a) She never thought she'd make it to Belsize.
(b) She is angry that they are moving her down.
(c) She does not feel well enough to move up.
(d) Dr. Nolan had told her it would be some time before she was moved up.

5. Who "rescues" Esther from the public hospital?
(a) Philomena Guinea
(b) Buddy Willard
(c) Her mother
(d) Jay Cee

6. Where does Esther tell the sailor she is is from?
(a) Boston
(b) New York City
(c) Chicago
(d) San Francisco

7. What course of treatment does Joan's first psychiatrist recommend for her?
(a) Commitment to a mental hospital
(b) Shock treatments
(c) Anti-depressants
(d) Group therapy

8. What does Esther notice about the people outside of the hospital?
(a) They have blank looks on their faces.
(b) They are hardly moving.
(c) They all look sick.
(d) They look like they do not belong at the hospital.

9. Who is Joan having an affair with at the asylum?
(a) Valerie
(b) Esther
(c) Buddy
(d) Dee Dee

10. Why does Buddy Willard visit Esther in the asylum?
(a) He wants to ask her to marry him.
(b) He wants to know if he drove she and Joan to insanity.
(c) He wants to make sure that Esther is well enough to return to college.
(d) He wants to know the details of Joan's death.

11. Why does Dr. Quinn visit Esther late one night?
(a) To have a private therapy session
(b) To check on her after she hemorrhaged
(c) To reprimand her for going to Irwin's apartment
(d) To ask for help finding Joan

12. How long has it been since Esther has slept when she first visits Dr. Gordon?
(a) 3 nights
(b) 14 nights
(c) 30 nights
(d) 7 nights

13. What sort of doctor does Dr. Nolan refer Esther to?
(a) A gynecologist
(b) A orthopedist
(c) A psychiatrist
(d) An obstetrician

14. Which of the following is NOT a privilege given to residents of Belsize?
(a) walks
(b) visits home
(c) shopping
(d) town visits

15. What complaint do all of the patients at the hospital have of Esther's volunteer work?
(a) She drops the flower vases and spills the water.
(b) They do not like her stand offish attitude.
(c) She does not deliver the correct bouquets.
(d) They do not like her rearranging their flowers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Other than tabloid magazines, what type of books is Esther able to read?

2. Whose visit to her hospital room angers Esther?

3. How does Dr. Gordon respond to Esther's torn letter to Doreen?

4. What field does Joan tell Esther she plans on studying when she returns to college?

5. Who is Joan planning on living with when she leaves the asylum?

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