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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Esther get from Lenny's apartment to the Amazon?
(a) She takes a cab.
(b) She walks alone the 43 blocks back to the hotel.
(c) She and Doreen walk the 43 blocks back to the hotel together.
(d) Lenny drives her home.

2. What causes Esther's skiing accident?
(a) Buddy is talking to her as she is skiing.
(b) A man crosses her path.
(c) She does not know how to ski.
(d) She loses one of her skis.

3. What faux pas does Esther make with the bellman when she first arrives at the Amazon?
(a) She does not not tip him because she doesn't know she is supposed to.
(b) She ignores him because she is too busy looking out the window.
(c) She fails to thank him for carrying her bag to her room.
(d) She insults his uniform.

4. Where do Buddy and Esther go after the Yale Junior Prom?
(a) Back to Esther's college
(b) To Buddy's fraternity house
(c) To a bar
(d) To a hill behind the chemistry lab

5. What does Esther think may have caused Buddy's TB?
(a) His compromised immune system
(b) His insensitivity to her feelings
(c) His unwillingness to wear gloves when examining patients
(d) His dishonesty

6. Why does Esther like Doreen?
(a) She provides a smoking partner for Esther.
(b) She is fashion conscious.
(c) She is witty and sarcastic.
(d) She is wealthy.

7. Why does Esther feel depressed when she returns to the Amazon?
(a) It is utterly silent in her room.
(b) She wishes she had gone to the magazine party instead of to Lenny's apartment.
(c) She feels abandoned by Doreen.
(d) It is smoky in her room.

8. Why doesn't Esther want her picture taken for the magazine?
(a) She doesn't like the way they styled her hair.
(b) She is about to begin crying.
(c) She doesn't like the paper rose that Jay Cee gave her to hold.
(d) She feels insulted by Jay Cee.

9. What does Jay Cee suggest that Esther do to distinguish herself from other women applying to be magazine editors?
(a) Double major in French and English in college
(b) Create a compelling resume
(c) Learn several languages
(d) Write non-traditional articles

10. What is Esther's opinion of the movie she and the other girls are invited to see?
(a) She is annoyed by the costumes.
(b) She thinks it is over the top and trite.
(c) She is drawn in by the romantic plot line.
(d) She is entranced by the Technicolor technology.

11. What course keeps Esther from considering a major in English?
(a) Eighteenth century literature
(b) Old English
(c) Shakespeare
(d) History of the English Language

12. Why does Buddy ask Esther whether she'd like to live in the city or the country?
(a) To see if they are compatible
(b) To decide where to take her on vacation
(c) To determine where they should buy their first house
(d) To determine if she is neurotic

13. What does Esther do when she returns to the Amazon the night that Marco attacks her?
(a) She cries hysterically.
(b) She throws all of her clothes off of the roof.
(c) She takes a hot bath to wash away the memory.
(d) She returns home.

14. Why won't Buddy allow Esther to ski down the hill again?
(a) He is concerned she will break her leg.
(b) He says her leg is broken in two places.
(c) He wants to return to the sanatorium.
(d) She does not know how to ski.

15. What does Buddy tell Esther she will want to abandon once she has children?
(a) Poetry
(b) College
(c) Reading
(d) Her career

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps Esther from losing her virginity to Constantin?

2. Who has Mrs. Willard promised to introduce Esther to in New York City?

3. What is Lenny Shepherd famous for?

4. How does Esther feel as she careens down the ski slope?

5. Who helped foster Esther's appreciation for fine food?

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