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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't Esther let Doreen come into her room when she returns from Lenny's?
(a) She fears she will vomit on her bed.
(b) She is angry at Doreen for waking her up.
(c) She fears she will never get rid of her again.
(d) She is angry at Doreen for not accompanying her on the long walk back to the hotel.

2. Why is Esther disturbed by Buddy's view of poetry?
(a) She is a literature major and a writer.
(b) She believes that poetry is more important than cadavers.
(c) It demonstrates his ignorance.
(d) It shows that he never read the poems she wrote for him.

3. What does Constantin ask Esther to do when they go to his apartment?
(a) Have a drink with him
(b) Begin dating
(c) Listen to records
(d) Have sex with him

4. What does Esther liken the potential choices she has in life to?
(a) A fig tree
(b) A racehorse
(c) Cooking
(d) The UN

5. Why is Esther living in New York City in the summer of 1953?
(a) She is attending New York University.
(b) As the award for winning a writing contest, she is interning at a fashion magazine.
(c) As the award for winning a modeling contest, she is modeling for a fashion magazine.
(d) Esther is taking a summer writing course.

6. How does Buddy characterize poetry?
(a) He calls them worthless pieces of junk.
(b) He sees them as capturing all the beauty there is in the world.
(c) He likens them to the cadavers he dissects in medical school.
(d) He calls poems pieces of dust.

7. What does Marco remind Esther of?
(a) A diamond
(b) A snake in the zoo
(c) A movie star
(d) A tango dancer

8. What surprises Esther about the English program at her mother's college?
(a) It is surprisingly difficult.
(b) There is no honors program in the English department.
(c) She has already met all of the requirements.
(d) There are more requirements than her own college.

9. Where is Marco from?
(a) Peru
(b) Italy
(c) Venezuela
(d) Spain

10. What wakes Esther up later in the night?
(a) A phone call from Doreen.
(b) Betsy knocking on her door asking for her to come help Doreen.
(c) A nightmare about Doreen being hurt by Lenny.
(d) Doreen knocking on her door calling her.

11. Why does Esther's mother ask her about what happened to her face?
(a) She has streaks of blood on each cheek.
(b) Her face is bruised from Marco's attack.
(c) She refuses to smile or move her face.
(d) She is wearing much more makeup than she usually does.

12. How often does Buddy commit to seeing Esther once they begin dating?
(a) Every third weekend
(b) Once a month
(c) Every weekend
(d) Every other weekend

13. What does Esther do while Mr. Manzi is lecturing in chemistry class?
(a) She pretends to be writing down the formulas he writes on the board.
(b) She completes her Shakespeare class assignments.
(c) She writes down the formulas he writes on the board.
(d) She daydreams.

14. What faux pas does Esther make with the bellman when she first arrives at the Amazon?
(a) She insults his uniform.
(b) She ignores him because she is too busy looking out the window.
(c) She fails to thank him for carrying her bag to her room.
(d) She does not not tip him because she doesn't know she is supposed to.

15. What grade does Esther earn in her physics class?
(a) B
(b) C
(c) F
(d) A

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Esther tell Frankie her name is?

2. What causes Esther's skiing accident?

3. Which of the following does NOT adorn the waiting room at the sanatorium?

4. What surprises Esther the most about Marco?

5. Why is Esther surprised when Buddy calls her at college?

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