The Bell Jar Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Amazon.

The Amazon is a hotel for women only. The girls who have won the fashion magazine contests are living there while interning. Each girl has her own small bedroom and they share two communal bathrooms.

2. Who are Frankie and Lenny?

They are two friends who "pick up" Esther and Doreen while they are riding in a cab to a party. Frankie is short and ends up talking to Esther. Esther rebuffs his advances and he leaves angry. Lenny is a tall, popular disc jockey who attaches himself to Doreen. He invites Doreen and Esther back to his apartment after drinks.

3. Describe Jay Cee (from Esther's perspective)

Jay Cee is Esther's boss at the magazine. Though she works for a fashion magazine, she is extremely unattractive. However, she distinguishes herself through her intelligence. She speaks several languages and attempts to take Esther under her wing despite Esther's belief that she had "nothing to teach [her]".

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