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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Esther resolve to "ditch Buddy Willard for once and for all"?
(a) He is insensitive to her feelings about childbirth.
(b) He cheated on her with the waitress from Cape Cod.
(c) He had kept his affair with the waitress a secret from her.
(d) He was no longer a virgin.

2. What does Esther always have with her as she walks around Belsize?
(a) A photograph
(b) A book
(c) A blanket
(d) Paper and a pencil

3. Why does Mr. Manzi like Esther so much?
(a) She always earns A's in his courses.
(b) He believes she has the skills and talent to be a successful science major.
(c) He believes she has a purely intellectual interest in science.
(d) She asks interesting questions during his lectures.

4. Where do Buddy and Esther go after the Yale Junior Prom?
(a) To a hill behind the chemistry lab
(b) Back to Esther's college
(c) To a bar
(d) To Buddy's fraternity house

5. How does Esther get from Lenny's apartment to the Amazon?
(a) She takes a cab.
(b) She and Doreen walk the 43 blocks back to the hotel together.
(c) She walks alone the 43 blocks back to the hotel.
(d) Lenny drives her home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Esther disturbed by Buddy's view of poetry?

2. How does Ladies' Day determine what causes the girls' sickness?

3. Who helped foster Esther's appreciation for fine food?

4. What does Esther think may have caused Buddy's TB?

5. How does Esther feel about the cadavers that Buddy shows her?

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