The Bell Jar Character Descriptions

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One of the guest interns at Ladies' Day, she represents the ultimate

"nice girl": an All-American girl from Kansas who will wait patiently for a husband, a big farm, and plenty of children--without losing her virginity before marriage.


Esther's date at the beach. Like many of the men in the novel, this character attempts to teach Esther something; in his case, the methods of suicide.


A translator at the United Nations. Originally, Esther attempts to get this character to seduce her. Unfortunately, when they actually go to bed, this character simply falls asleep beside her.

Dodo Conway

This character is a pregnant mother who already has six children. She lives in Esther's neighborhood and often walks along the street outside of the Greenwood family home.

Dee Dee

A patient at the mental asylum where Esther is staying. She and Joan end up having an affair...

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