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Chapter 1

• Esther Greenwood and eleven other college aged girls are working in New York City at a fashion magazine after winning a contest sponsored by the magazine.

• Esther feels detached from the experience but cannot pinpoint what is wrong with her.

• Esther and the other girls live in a female-only hotel called the Amazon.

• Doreen and Esther take one cab to a magazine party while the other girls ride in another.*
• On the way to the party the cab is stopped in traffic. Two men approach the cab and ask the girls if they would like to have a drink. They agree and leave the cab.

• Doreen and Esther meet the two men. They are Lenny Shepherd, a famous disc jockey, and his friend Frankie.

• Doreen and Frankie hit it off and begin talking.

• Esther tells Frankie her name is Elly Higginbottom and rebuffs his advances. Frankie leaves...

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