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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Maud give to Susannah in Chapter 25?
(a) To enter Blaine's Cradle is death.
(b) Avoid the seafish, its poisonous.
(c) Leave Lud or die.
(d) Winston's family will hunt her down and kill her.

2. How does Susannah believe the people of River Crossing look at Roland in Chapter 13?
(a) Like a saint.
(b) Like a lover.
(c) Like a god.
(d) Like a king.

3. What does the man who visits Tick-Tock Man in Chapter 40 ask Tick-Tock Man to call him?
(a) Jack Mort.
(b) Richard Fannin.
(c) Randall Flagg.
(d) Walter.

4. Where is Jake in a dream in Chapter 16?
(a) California.
(b) West Texas.
(c) Western Missouri.
(d) New York.

5. Who bursts into the bunker and attacks Tick-Tock Man in Chapter 31?
(a) Roland.
(b) Gasher.
(c) Eddie.
(d) Oy.

6. What conclusion does Jake come to about Blaine during his dream in Chapter 16?
(a) He is harmless.
(b) He is the truth, he is danger.
(c) He is a pain and a danger.
(d) He is lonely.

7. Why did Roland allow Gasher to take Jake as he explains it to Eddie in Chapter 15?
(a) He knew Gasher would not harm Jake.
(b) He knew Gasher would kill Roland if he refused.
(c) He knew Gasher would kill Susannah if he refused.
(d) He knew Gasher meant to kill them all.

8. What does Oy tell Roland in Chapter 29 about the people in the room?
(a) What they are wearing.
(b) How many weapons they have.
(c) Nothing.
(d) How many there are.

9. What does Roland ask Aunt Talitha to do for him and his friends in Chapter 13?
(a) Offer her money.
(b) Offer her blessin.
(c) Offer her kisses.
(d) Offer her gifts.

10. What does Tick-Tock Man want Jake to give him as a gift?
(a) His pack.
(b) His books.
(c) His gun.
(d) His Seiko.

11. Why does Jake begin to cry at the end of Chapter 13?
(a) He wants to stay with Aunt Talitha whom he sees as a mother figure.
(b) He is tired and crabby.
(c) He is afraid of what lies ahead.
(d) He does not want to leave the people of River Crossing.

12. Who does Little Blaine say he is in Chapter 27?
(a) The one left behind in rooms of ruin and halls of the dead.
(b) The unforgotten.
(c) The creator of the machines.
(d) The ghost inside the machines.

13. What song does Eddie believe is the back beat they can hear playing in Lud in Chapter 4?
(a) Legs.
(b) Velcro Fly.
(c) Sharp Dressed Man.
(d) Sleeping Bag.

14. How do Jake and Roland find their way to Susannah and Eddie in Chapter 38?
(a) They are led by signs in the hallway outside the bunker.
(b) They follow a silver ball Blaine has sent them.
(c) They follow a troll Blaine has sent.
(d) They follow a Pubes.

15. Where did Eddie and Roland get the Keflex pills they give to Jake in Chapter 1?
(a) Chicago.
(b) San Francisco.
(c) Gilead.
(d) New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Roland and his friends find in Chapter 5?

2. Why can Blaine not differentiate between fact and superstition?

3. What does Tick-Tock Man want the computers for, as he admits in Chapter 31?

4. How long does Blaine say it has been since a gunslinger walked in-world or mid-world?

5. What has Blaine created in ice that he shows Roland and his friends in Chapter 4?

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