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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who led the final army against the war in Lud as described in Chapter 10?
(a) Jack Mort.
(b) Andrew Quick.
(c) Walter.
(d) David Quick.

2. What does Susannah think in Chapter 3 made Roland turn inward on himself?
(a) The Big Depression.
(b) The Big Empty.
(c) The Big Bomb.
(d) The Big War.

3. What is the name of the man who gave Jake the riddle book?
(a) Aaron Deepneau.
(b) Eddie Greene.
(c) Calvin Tower.
(d) Elmer Chambers.

4. Who is Patricia?
(a) A monorail that ran the opposite direction as Blaine.
(b) A monorail that ran the same line as Blaine.
(c) A waitress who worked on Blaine the train.
(d) The conductor of Blaine the train.

5. What does Roland call the bison like animals that Jake sees in Chapter 2?
(a) Billy-bumblers.
(b) Speakies.
(c) Cowdogs.
(d) Muties.

6. How does Roland give Jake instructions in Chapter 28?
(a) Notes.
(b) Phone.
(c) Oy.
(d) Telepathy.

7. In what way did Tick-Tock Man kill the laughing woman?
(a) With a gun.
(b) With a knife he threw across the room.
(c) With a rope around her throat.
(d) With a poison.

8. Who is Blaine?
(a) A train that runs southeast through Lud.
(b) The train conductor in Lud.
(c) A train that runs northeast through Lud.
(d) The train mechanic in Lud.

9. What conclusion does Jake come to about Blaine during his dream in Chapter 16?
(a) He is a pain and a danger.
(b) He is harmless.
(c) He is lonely.
(d) He is the truth, he is danger.

10. What does Roland mistake the plane crash for in Chapter 1?
(a) A car crash.
(b) A coffin.
(c) A big bird.
(d) A downed building.

11. Who does the guy Eddie shoots in Chapter 21 look like to Susannah?
(a) Ronald McDonald.
(b) Bozo the Clown.
(c) Mr. Noodle.
(d) Clarabell the Clown.

12. What is a monorail?
(a) A single rail serving as a track for wheeled vehicles traveling on it or suspended from it.
(b) An elevated train.
(c) A train that runs on electricity.
(d) A nickname for a passenger train.

13. Why does Aunt Talitha believe the people of Lud would like to keep Jake in Chapter 10?
(a) He is male.
(b) He is intelligent.
(c) He is young.
(d) He is strong.

14. What story does Eddie want Roland to tell in Chapter 6?
(a) The beginning, starting with Gilead.
(b) The story of Walter.
(c) The history of gunslingers.
(d) The myth of the Dark Tower.

15. Why can Blaine not differentiate between fact and superstition?
(a) He is not human.
(b) He is broken.
(c) His monitoring equipment in end-world is down.
(d) He has gone insane.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who falls over the edge of the bridge in Chapter 12?

2. How long does Blaine tell Roland and his friends they have until the poisonous gas will be released in Lud in Chapter 39?

3. Who does Jake guess was Tick-Tock Man's grandfather in Chapter 28?

4. How does Eddie prove to Big Blaine who he is and where he came from in Chapter 27?

5. How does Roland say he knows they are being followed in Chapter 2?

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