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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Part 1, Chapters 4 - 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon what books does Stephen King say he based the Dark Tower Series in the Introduction of this novel?
(a) Disney's Mary Poppins.
(b) Terry Brooks' The Sword of Shannara.
(c) Stephen Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.
(d) J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings.

2. Why does Eddie decide he could never be better at anything than Henry in Chapter 3?
(a) Henry would have beat him up.
(b) Henry would have stopped watching out for Eddie.
(c) Henry was his big brother.
(d) Henry had a frail ego.

3. Who was Gloria?
(a) Eddie's aunt.
(b) Eddie's mother.
(c) Eddie's sister.
(d) Eddie's cousin.

4. What does Roland hope to find at the Great Portal as he tells Eddie and Susannah in Chapter 12?
(a) Directions to the Dark Tower.
(b) The Dark Tower.
(c) Eddie's world.
(d) His family.

5. What game did Henry teach Eddie to play as he tells the reader in Chapter 3?
(a) Basketball.
(b) Football.
(c) Baseball.
(d) Soccer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eddie often see in a piece of wood?

2. Who does Roland say the Great Old Ones were in Chapter 12?

3. What is Eddie carving in Chapter 4?

4. What is the voice Eddie hears in his head as he carves saying to him?

5. What is unusual about Mir's head?

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