The Waste Lands Character Descriptions

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Roland of Gilead - This character is a gunslinger from Gilead and is in search of the Dark Tower.

Edward - This character is from New York City where he grew up with an overbearing brother who was charged with always watching over this character.

Susannah Dean, Detta Walker, Odetta Susannah Holmes - This character has multiple personalities which are often called upon to help in moments of stress.

Jake - This character buys two books from a bookstore in New York that later prove to be important tools.

Oy - This character is an animal who befriends one of the main characters and becomes central in saving someone's life.

Shardik, Mir - This character was built to guard one of the Twelve Portals between one world and the next.

Gasher - This character is deeply afraid of embarrassment and is willing to kill to prevent it...

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