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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How were the men split between Karlsefni and Thorhall?
(a) Karlsefni split the men so half would go with each ship.
(b) The Christians wanted to go with Karlsefni, the others withThorhall.
(c) None of the men wanted to go with Thorhall.
(d) Only nine men wanted to go with Thorhall, the rest with Karlsefni.

2. Where do Karlsefni and his men spend the next winter?
(a) In houses they build near the lake.
(b) At an abandoned native settlement.
(c) On the ship.
(d) In the houses Leif built.

3. What happens with the uniped after Thorvald dies?
(a) It vanishes in a fog.
(b) One of the men wounds it and it dives into the water.
(c) Karlsefni and his men chase it up North, but lose it.
(d) Karlsefni and his men kill it.

4. Why does Karlsefni decide to go to Vinland?
(a) Gudrid wants to see Vinland.
(b) To escape Eirik's wrath about his marriage to Gudrid.
(c) He feels it is his obligation to the king of Norway.
(d) Because of all the discussions about Vinland at Brattahlid.

5. What takes Thorstein Eriksson and Gudrid to Lysufjord?
(a) They jointly own a farm there with another Thorstein.
(b) To escape the wrath of their fathers.
(c) They were banished from the other settlement.
(d) They are trying to reach Vinland.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following best describes the clothes of the prophetess Thorbjorg?

2. What does Gudrid do after Thorbjorn Vifilsson dies?

3. What is morale like the last Winter in Vinland?

4. Who goes on the next exploration of Vinland in Eirik's saga?

5. Why does Karlsefni sail North when he decides to leave Vinland?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the interchange between Bjarni and the young Icelander. What are the circumstances and what is the result?

2. Explain the affair of the Christmas feast, and what secondary function the Christmas feast ended up serving.

3. Explain the encounter with the uniped.

4. How does Karlsefni's mother feel about Gudrid when she meets her and how does that change over time?

5. What are the first impressions that Karlsefni and Eirik the Red make on each other? How do they do this?

6. How do the two native boys describe the land that is across from their own land? Where might this be?

7. What happens when a native finds an axe near one of the fallen Vikings?

8. How do Leif's parents, Eirik the Red and Thjodhild, take to Christianity?

9. What does Eirik the Red do upon departing for Vinland that he suspects causes him to fall off his horse? What does he do to resolve it?

10. Explain why the small boat on Bjarni's ship would not sink while the large one was about to.

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