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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Karlsefni and his men meet the natives?
(a) They fought, and several of Karlsefni's men are killed.
(b) They stared at each other and then the natives left.
(c) Karlsefni took them prisoner.
(d) Gudrid started converting them to Christianity.

2. What do Karsefni and his crew learn about the natives?
(a) They knew of a land of Europeans.
(b) They had two kings, Avaldamon and Valdidida.
(c) All of the above.
(d) They lived in caves or holes in the ground.

3. Where does Thorstein's ship next put in to land after it leaves Eiriksfjord?
(a) Vinland.
(b) Eiriksfjord.
(c) Norway.
(d) Ireland.

4. What do the natives have an use that impresses Karlsefni and his men?
(a) Dog sleds.
(b) Arrowheads.
(c) Great skill in hunting.
(d) A catapult like weapon.

5. What is morale like the last Winter in Vinland?
(a) Sad to be leaving this rich land.
(b) Fights keep breaking out.
(c) Everyone is depressed at losing Thorvald.
(d) Worried about the other ship and Thorhall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is found in abundance on the island near Straumfjord?

2. What does Leif find in Vinland?

3. What does Thorgunna send to Leif in Greenland?

4. What did Haki and Hekja leave to do?

5. How many people could fit in the small boat they had?

Short Essay Questions

1. What interaction do Gudrid and Thorbjorg have together?

2. Explain the interchange between Bjarni and the young Icelander. What are the circumstances and what is the result?

3. How do the two native boys describe the land that is across from their own land? Where might this be?

4. How does Freydis drive away the natives giving chase?

5. Explain the encounter with the uniped.

6. What happens when a native finds an axe near one of the fallen Vikings?

7. How and why does Einar pursue Gudrid in marriage?

8. Explain Sigrid's vision, including where she was when she had it and the three individuals in her vision she identifies.

9. What happens to those that stay in Bjarni's ship and those that leave in the small boat?

10. Summarize the part Thorhall plays in the expedition to Vinland, including how it ends for both him and Karlsefni.

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