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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Einar?
(a) The local cheiftan.
(b) A successful sea going trader.
(c) A very wealthy but mean man.
(d) Gudrid's foster father.

2. Why did Thorhall go on the expedition to Vinland?
(a) To protect Eirik's son Thorvald.
(b) He had considerable experience in wild regions.
(c) Karlsefni invited him along for his hunting skills.
(d) Eirik no longer wanted him in Greenland.

3. Where does Thorhall end up?
(a) Perished at sea.
(b) Enslaved in Ireland.
(c) He stayed at the native settlement they had seen from a distance.
(d) He fled to the interior and was never seen again.

4. How do the natives come the second time they visit Karsefni and his men?
(a) More kids arrive on foot from a nearby settlement.
(b) More traveling families arrive as they follow the river.
(c) Native men arrive by dogsled.
(d) A great horde of them approach by boat from the South.

5. What do Karsefni and his crew learn about the natives?
(a) They had two kings, Avaldamon and Valdidida.
(b) They knew of a land of Europeans.
(c) They lived in caves or holes in the ground.
(d) All of the above.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Thorstein's ship next put in to land after it leaves Eiriksfjord?

2. How does Thorvald know they have found rich country just before he dies?

3. What do Karlsefni and his men first see on the opposite side of a clearing?

4. What is found in abundance on the island near Straumfjord?

5. What is Thorbjorn's reaction when he hears of the potential match for Gudrid?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe who Thorbjorg is and what her behavior is like when she arrives at Herjolfsness.

2. What does Eirik the Red do upon departing for Vinland that he suspects causes him to fall off his horse? What does he do to resolve it?

3. How do Leif's parents, Eirik the Red and Thjodhild, take to Christianity?

4. Describe the first two encounters that Karlsefni and his men have with the natives.

5. How do the two native boys describe the land that is across from their own land? Where might this be?

6. What kind of place to Karlsefni and his men settle in for their stay in Vinland?

7. Explain why the small boat on Bjarni's ship would not sink while the large one was about to.

8. What future does Thorbjorg predict for Gudrid?

9. How does a fight break out between Karlsefni's men and the natives? Describe the sequence of events leading up to Karlsefni and his men fleeing.

10. Explain what happens during Thorstein and Eirik's trip to Vinland, and what they do for the crew at the end of it.

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