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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many people could fit in the small boat they had?
(a) All but ten.
(b) Half the people on board.
(c) All of them, but then no food or water.
(d) Only about ten.

2. Why does Gudrid not want to help Thorbjorg?
(a) She considers the work beneath her.
(b) Thorbjorg scares her.
(c) She is shy.
(d) Because she is a Christian.

3. Where do Karsefni and the crew spend their third Winter?
(a) Uniped-Land.
(b) Hope.
(c) Markland.
(d) Straumford.

4. What do Karlsefni and his men find when they stop for a fortnight when they sail south?
(a) Wild wheat and grapes.
(b) Streams teeming with fish.
(c) A lake they can sail to up a river.
(d) All of the above.

5. What does Thorbjorg do for Gudrid?
(a) Tells her future.
(b) Makes her a beautiful dress.
(c) Blesses her.
(d) Promises the wealthiest man in the land.

6. Who is Thorfinn Karlsfni?
(a) The son of the Icelandic king.
(b) A Norwegian merchant.
(c) An embassador from the king of Norway.
(d) A sea going merchant of distinction from Iceland.

7. What does the expedition see as they approach Vinland?
(a) A pod of strange whales.
(b) A ghost ship.
(c) Several islands of varying landscapes.
(d) Settlements far to the north.

8. What does Gudrid do after Thorbjorn Vifilsson dies?
(a) Go on a pilgrimage.
(b) Stay a Brattahlid with Eirik the Red.
(c) Return to Iceland.
(d) Travel to Norway.

9. Where does Thorhall end up?
(a) He stayed at the native settlement they had seen from a distance.
(b) Perished at sea.
(c) Enslaved in Ireland.
(d) He fled to the interior and was never seen again.

10. What does Gudrid do for Thorbjorg?
(a) Encourage people to attend.
(b) Sing.
(c) Dance.
(d) Help set up her tools.

11. What does Thorgunna ask of Leif?
(a) To spread Christianity.
(b) To return with him to Greenland.
(c) To share the fortune he makes.
(d) To stay in the Hebrides with her.

12. Who were Haki and Hekja?
(a) Boys who had been raised at Brattahlid.
(b) Two sailors who were also good runners.
(c) Two Scots given to Leif by the king of Norway.
(d) Icelandic friends of Karlsefni's.

13. Who travels with Thorbjorn to Greenland?
(a) About thrity friends.
(b) Einar.
(c) Three entire ships of people.
(d) No one but Gudrid and his slaves.

14. What does the king of Norway ask Leif to do upon his return to Greenland?
(a) Spread Christianity.
(b) Claim Vinland for Norway.
(c) Act as his embassador to Greenland.
(d) All of the above.

15. What is morale like the last Winter in Vinland?
(a) Fights keep breaking out.
(b) Worried about the other ship and Thorhall.
(c) Everyone is depressed at losing Thorvald.
(d) Sad to be leaving this rich land.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thorkel prepare for Thorbjorg before her arrival?

2. What do the traders offer Eirik the Red when they arrive at Brattahlid?

3. What first attracts Einar to Gudrid?

4. What takes Thorstein Eriksson and Gudrid to Lysufjord?

5. What do the natives most seem to want from the expedition?

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