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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Karsefni and his crew learn about the natives?
(a) They lived in caves or holes in the ground.
(b) They knew of a land of Europeans.
(c) They had two kings, Avaldamon and Valdidida.
(d) All of the above.

2. What do Karlsefni and his men first see on the opposite side of a clearing?
(a) A fog.
(b) Smoke.
(c) An unidentifiable shape.
(d) Something glittering.

3. Who gives Gudrid the prophecy about her future?
(a) A prophetess in a dream.
(b) The corpse of Sigrid.
(c) The overseer.
(d) Her dead husband.

4. Who is Einar?
(a) Gudrid's foster father.
(b) A very wealthy but mean man.
(c) The local cheiftan.
(d) A successful sea going trader.

5. When the natives return for a third time, what happens?
(a) They trade many iron tools to the natives.
(b) They fight.
(c) The women cook together.
(d) They go hunting together.

6. What dispute arises between Thorhall and Karlsefni?
(a) Thorhall claims Karlsefni is unjust and greedy.
(b) Thorhall wanted to explore north, but Karlsefni thought they should sail south.
(c) A religious dispute.
(d) None of the above.

7. What does Thorgunna ask of Leif?
(a) To stay in the Hebrides with her.
(b) To share the fortune he makes.
(c) To spread Christianity.
(d) To return with him to Greenland.

8. Where do Karsefni and the crew spend their third Winter?
(a) Straumford.
(b) Markland.
(c) Uniped-Land.
(d) Hope.

9. Why does Karlsefni decide to go to Vinland?
(a) Gudrid wants to see Vinland.
(b) To escape Eirik's wrath about his marriage to Gudrid.
(c) Because of all the discussions about Vinland at Brattahlid.
(d) He feels it is his obligation to the king of Norway.

10. What does Thorkel prepare for Thorbjorg before her arrival?
(a) A feast.
(b) An informal social greeting time.
(c) A service.
(d) A high seat with a cushion.

11. Where do Karlsefni and his men spend the next winter?
(a) At an abandoned native settlement.
(b) In the houses Leif built.
(c) In houses they build near the lake.
(d) On the ship.

12. How is the marriage of Gudrid and Thorstein Eriksson received by their families?
(a) Both fathers disapproved of the match.
(b) With disappointment from Eirik.
(c) It was well received on all sides.
(d) With anger from Thorbjorn.

13. What is the woman Thorbjorg by trade?
(a) Priestess.
(b) Prophetess.
(c) Matchmaker.
(d) Seamstress.

14. When do Karlsefni and his men see the natives again?
(a) Again and again over the Winter.
(b) When they find another native settlement.
(c) Not again for almost two years.
(d) In the Spring.

15. Where does Thorstein's ship next put in to land after it leaves Eiriksfjord?
(a) Eiriksfjord.
(b) Norway.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Vinland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the general division of people between the two ships that travel with Karlsefni to Vinland?

2. What does Sigrid see in her vision?

3. What trouble is there with with Sigrid's corpse?

4. What does Leif find on his way home from Vinland?

5. What happens when Karlsefni and his men meet the natives?

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