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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname is Leif given upon his return to Greenland?
(a) None of the above.
(b) Leif the Leader.
(c) Leif the Explorer.
(d) Leif the Lucky.

2. What is the land like that Bjarni sees first?
(a) Heavily populated.
(b) Mountainous and icy.
(c) Wooded with low hills.
(d) Desolate and bare.

3. How does Eirik find Greenland?
(a) The reports from Gunnbjorn's sightings.
(b) He gets blown off course.
(c) He is sailing to sea in a blind fury without destination.
(d) There have been several trips there before.

4. In what way does Freydis first break her word?
(a) By directing them to take her places they do not expect.
(b) In her promises to share everything equally.
(c) In what she pays the brothers.
(d) In the number of men she takes on the trip.

5. Who tries to join Leif Eiriksson in his journey but was injured at the last moment?
(a) Bjarni.
(b) His father.
(c) His wife.
(d) A Christian missionary.

6. Where do Karlsefni and Gudrid settle for the remainder of their lives?
(a) Back on Vinland.
(b) In Iceland.
(c) In Greenland.
(d) In Norway.

7. What does Gudrid see that no one else sees?
(a) A chestnut haired woman in a close fitting tunic.
(b) The ghost of her husband Thorstein.
(c) A vision into the future.
(d) More natives gathering in the distance.

8. Who gives the prophecy about Gudrid?
(a) The native seer.
(b) Thorstein the Black.
(c) Thorstein's corpse.
(d) A goddess in Gudrid's dream.

9. Who is Leif?
(a) The son of Eirik the Red.
(b) A messanger from the king.
(c) The founder of the colony on Iceland.
(d) The brother of Eirik the Red.

10. What happens when Eirik requests his possessions back from Thorgest?
(a) Eirik went to get them when they were not returned.
(b) Two of Thorgest's sons and several other men were killed.
(c) A fight broke out.
(d) All of the above.

11. What does Freydis tell people in Greenland happened to the brothers?
(a) They went exploring on their own.
(b) They angered the Gods.
(c) They stayed on in Vinland.
(d) They died of disease.

12. How is Tyrkir described?
(a) Small, easily frightened, and learned.
(b) Sickly, clever, and traitorous.
(c) Large, strong, and oafish.
(d) Puny, shifty eyed, and clever with his hands.

13. What causes the Bjarni to lose his bearings at sea?
(a) Heavy fog and northerly winds.
(b) Shorthandedness.
(c) Damaged instruments.
(d) An inexperienced crew.

14. What drives Thorvald and his men to shore the second summer?
(a) Hunger.
(b) The sighting of a human settlement.
(c) The need for lumber.
(d) A fierce gale.

15. How is Leif Eiriksson described?
(a) Intelligent, ambitious, and proud.
(b) Loyal, impulsive, and tempermental.
(c) Strong, shrewd, and moderate.
(d) Strong, impulsive, and violent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the parents of Thorstein the Red?

2. What happens to the brothers and their men?

3. What does Freydis ask of one of the brothers?

4. What scares the natives the first time they appear?

5. What do Thorvald and Eirik do because "of some killings" in Jaederen?

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