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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bjarni travel to see "some time later" after sighting the land to the west?
(a) The Thorsness Assembly.
(b) Eirik the Red.
(c) Earl Eirik in Norway.
(d) Freydis, Eirik's daughter.

2. What does Thorvald die of?
(a) A fall onto rocks.
(b) A wound in his armpit.
(c) He is murdered by a shipmate.
(d) A serious illness.

3. What is the result of the trouble the slaves started?
(a) Eirik kills some men.
(b) All of the above.
(c) Eirik is banished from Haukedale.
(d) The neighbors kill Eirik's slaves.

4. How many men and ships return to Vinland with Thorvald?
(a) Nine men in one ship.
(b) Thirty men in three ships.
(c) Thirty men in one ship.
(d) Sixty men in eight ships.

5. What do Thorvald and his men see further up the fjord?
(a) Ruins of great cities.
(b) Planted crops.
(c) Settlements.
(d) Cattle.

6. What does Leif do when he hears rumors about what happened in Vinland.
(a) Confront Freydis and demand the truth.
(b) Torture three of Freydis's men until he learns the truth.
(c) Travel to Vinland to determine the truth.
(d) Ignore the rumors.

7. What is Aud's full title?
(a) Aud the Deep Minded.
(b) Aud the White.
(c) Aud the Red.
(d) Aud the Beautiful.

8. What does Freydis ask of one of the brothers?
(a) If he will trade ships so she can leave.
(b) To murder his brother.
(c) To return to Greenland and bring Leif.
(d) To supply her with extra food.

9. What arrangement does Karlsefni make with Leif regarding the houses in Vinland?
(a) Leif gives him the houses on the condition that the settlement is named after him.
(b) Karlsefni buys the houses from Leif.
(c) Leif is willing to lend Karlsefni the houses, but not give them.
(d) Karlsefni can use them until Leif arrives again.

10. Where does the search party find Tyrkir?
(a) In a lush undiscovered valley.
(b) None of the above.
(c) Asleep after gorging on grapes.
(d) On his way back, not far from the houses.

11. Which of the following best characterizes the natural resources and weather on the land that Leif and his men explore?
(a) Sufficient and tolerable.
(b) Few and cold.
(c) Sparse and changeable.
(d) Abundant and mild.

12. How do Thorstein and much of his crew die?
(a) In a shipwreck.
(b) Thirst while they are lost at sea.
(c) In a skirmish with the natives of Vinland.
(d) Disease.

13. What do Leif and his men notice about the days on this new land compared to Greenland or Iceland?
(a) They reached higher temperatures.
(b) The skies were clearer.
(c) They are of more even length.
(d) They were louder with sounds of wildlife.

14. In what way does Freydis first break her word?
(a) In the number of men she takes on the trip.
(b) By directing them to take her places they do not expect.
(c) In her promises to share everything equally.
(d) In what she pays the brothers.

15. Who tries to join Leif Eiriksson in his journey but was injured at the last moment?
(a) His father.
(b) A Christian missionary.
(c) His wife.
(d) Bjarni.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Iceland like when Eirik the Red arrives there?

2. Where do Thorvald and his men moor the boat and wander on shore?

3. What causes a fight between Eirik and Thorgest?

4. Why do Eirik and Thorvald leave Norway?

5. What nickname is Leif given upon his return to Greenland?

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