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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Freydis ask of one of the brothers?
(a) To murder his brother.
(b) If he will trade ships so she can leave.
(c) To supply her with extra food.
(d) To return to Greenland and bring Leif.

2. What does Gudrid see that no one else sees?
(a) A chestnut haired woman in a close fitting tunic.
(b) The ghost of her husband Thorstein.
(c) More natives gathering in the distance.
(d) A vision into the future.

3. What does Leif do when he hears rumors about what happened in Vinland.
(a) Torture three of Freydis's men until he learns the truth.
(b) Ignore the rumors.
(c) Travel to Vinland to determine the truth.
(d) Confront Freydis and demand the truth.

4. Why do the men wish to stop at this land?
(a) For wood and water.
(b) The land is rich and beautiful.
(c) They think it is Greenland.
(d) They are afraid of getting further lost.

5. What does Bjarni do when he hears Herjolf has moved to Greenland?
(a) Immediately sets off there in his ship.
(b) Prepares a mass emigration to follow.
(c) Assumes his rank and position in Iceland.
(d) Takes men to bring him back to Iceland.

6. What happens to the brothers and their men?
(a) They die from a disease.
(b) Freydis has her husband Thorvard kill them.
(c) They fight amonst themselves and leave.
(d) They skraelings kill them.

7. How many men and ships return to Vinland with Thorvald?
(a) Thirty men in three ships.
(b) Thirty men in one ship.
(c) Sixty men in eight ships.
(d) Nine men in one ship.

8. How is Tyrkir described?
(a) Puny, shifty eyed, and clever with his hands.
(b) Sickly, clever, and traitorous.
(c) Small, easily frightened, and learned.
(d) Large, strong, and oafish.

9. What drives Thorvald and his men to shore the second summer?
(a) Hunger.
(b) A fierce gale.
(c) The sighting of a human settlement.
(d) The need for lumber.

10. Why does Eirik name the land he discovered "Greenland"?
(a) To attract people there.
(b) Because there was lush green grass around the coast.
(c) To give homage to the god of crops.
(d) Because the rocks and glaciers have a greenish tint.

11. What was the land like that Thorvald and his men see to the west?
(a) White sandy beaches and many islands.
(b) Uninhabited.
(c) All of the above.
(d) Attractive and forested.

12. What is the land like that Bjarni sees first?
(a) Desolate and bare.
(b) Heavily populated.
(c) Wooded with low hills.
(d) Mountainous and icy.

13. What were the characteristics of the first land that Leif and his crew land on?
(a) Icy, rocky, and worthless.
(b) Mountainous, steep, and forbidding.
(c) Dense forest with much lumber.
(d) Low hills covered in grass.

14. What scares the natives the first time they appear?
(a) The men shout and chase them.
(b) The sight of a whale being butchered.
(c) The weapons displayed by the men.
(d) The bellowing of the bull.

15. What do Leif and his men find on the return trip to Greenland?
(a) A strong current that makes the trip fast and easy.
(b) Another large and bountiful island.
(c) An abandoned ship they manage to take home as well.
(d) A group of people stranded on a reef.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following best characterizes the natural resources and weather on the land that Leif and his men explore?

2. How does Bjarni spend the rest of his days?

3. What is Aud's full title?

4. What do the settlers end up trading to the natives?

5. Who is Freydis?

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