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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A lot of race cars do not run on what fuel?
(a) Gasoline.
(b) Methanol.
(c) Diesel.
(d) Alcohol.

2. Donohue and his colleague ________ talk much of the night about what a great opportunity this is and what can be done with it.
(a) Colley.
(b) Conn.
(c) Cox.
(d) Conners.

3. What does Mark note about Flegl?
(a) The man is arrogant.
(b) The man is meticulous.
(c) The man is easy-going.
(d) The man is unusual.

4. The Europeans do not realize that the Americans are used to having who drive the race cars?
(a) Young men.
(b) Trained drivers.
(c) Owners.
(d) Engineers.

5. Mark knows he wants to leave racing before what?
(a) He turns into a loser instead of continuing to be a winner.
(b) He is burned out from racing.
(c) The fans do not like him.
(d) He is too old to race.

Short Answer Questions

1. The team makes progress by doing well in Formula ____.

2. This chapter is dated ________________.

3. This is a ____________ race, but their car has one anyway.

4. Mark Donohue has a strong, positive instinctive reaction to a new car that the _______________ people have made to try at Indianapolis, where they are underdogs without much experience.

5. Roger says yes, but only after _________________ of consideration and a modification of the plans of how they will do it.

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place right after a victory?

2. What late adjustment is made regarding the McLaren car and the Eagle cars?

3. Compare the Germans to the Americans.

4. How does Mark find a winning car for Indianapolis?

5. Describe Mark's retirement.

6. What does Mark say about fame and success?

7. What does Roger Penske offer Mark? What does he think about this?

8. What does Mark say about racing fuel in this chapter? Why is this important?

9. How does Mark feel during this chapter? Why?

10. What is Mark's initial reaction in Germany? How does Roger feel at first?

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