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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mark knows he wants to leave racing before what?
(a) The fans do not like him.
(b) He is too old to race.
(c) He is burned out from racing.
(d) He turns into a loser instead of continuing to be a winner.

2. How does Mark describe the Europeans?
(a) Very easy-going and calm, with low expectations.
(b) Very energetic and happy.
(c) Very tough, very demanding and with very high expectations of each other.
(d) Very arrogant and rude.

3. In _________ at Indianapolis, Mark Donohue is fed up with these problems, even though during much of his career this is just the sort of thing he has enjoyed doing.
(a) 1975.
(b) 1979.
(c) 1977.
(d) 1973.

4. This chapter is dated _________.
(a) 1977.
(b) 1975.
(c) 1973.
(d) 1963.

5. Mark thinks he does not care about being famous until he thinks about what?
(a) Being alone and unneeded once the season ends.
(b) How much he enjoys signing autographs.
(c) His disappointed fans.
(d) How he will feel going back to being a nobody.

6. They spend ______________ getting to know the car and how it works and why it has the problems it has.
(a) Months.
(b) Weeks.
(c) Days.
(d) Years.

7. It is normal for race cars to require what?
(a) Several drivers.
(b) Very few new parts.
(c) Several organizers.
(d) Further development.

8. There is an important meeting that provides for another team of drivers to take over so that Javelins will still run for __________________ even though Roger Penske will not do it.
(a) General Motors.
(b) Ford Motors.
(c) Dodge Motors.
(d) American Motors.

9. How is Mark Donohue lucky in this situation?
(a) He is napping when the incident occurs, so he is not around.
(b) He is racing, so he is not around when the incident occurs.
(c) He is out of town, so he is not around when the incident occurs.
(d) He is signing autographs, so he is not around when the incident occurs.

10. This chapter is dated ____________.
(a) 1973-1974.
(b) 1976-1977.
(c) 1974-1975.
(d) 1972-1973.

11. Is success as a driver extremely important to Mark?
(a) Rarely.
(b) Sometimes.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

12. There is a man named ________ who has an important role in introducing Mark Donohue to how they go about doing things in Europe.
(a) Faust.
(b) Frei.
(c) Flegl.
(d) Faber.

13. One feature of Roger Penske and also of Mark Donohue is that, despite all their speed, they actually do what?
(a) Think things over before they commit to anything.
(b) Do not like to drive.
(c) Like to move slowly.
(d) Drive very slowly on public roads.

14. McLaren is not doing very well at the time, and they end up getting Mark to drive one of their cars. Can this happen without taking him away from Roger Penske?
(a) Somewhat.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) Only at first.

15. The driver will normally have changes made to the race car. Why?
(a) So that he can drive it best.
(b) So that the car is at its best.
(c) So the organizer is happy.
(d) So the parts are made by those companies that sponsor the car.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mark ends up in a car in which he says it is impossible to win. The cars doing well are over _____________ faster than his.

2. What is a second possible reason for why the drivers respond the way they do in number 139?

3. Mark is able to go ______________ at Indianapolis, and when he tells another driver this fact, the other man is shocked and walks off, literally reeling from the blow.

4. A lot of race cars do not run on what fuel?

5. When Mark asks other drivers about the troubles he is having, how do the others respond?

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