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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There is a problem with the fire extinguishers, and what is the result?
(a) The Lolas and the entire garage are burned to uselessness.
(b) One of the Lolas is burned.
(c) The fire trucks have to come put the fire out.
(d) The men have to rely on buckets of water to put out the fire.

2. One feature of Roger Penske and also of Mark Donohue is that, despite all their speed, they actually do what?
(a) Like to move slowly.
(b) Do not like to drive.
(c) Think things over before they commit to anything.
(d) Drive very slowly on public roads.

3. They spend ______________ getting to know the car and how it works and why it has the problems it has.
(a) Months.
(b) Years.
(c) Weeks.
(d) Days.

4. This chapter is dated ________________.
(a) 1972 and 1973.
(b) 1973 and 1974.
(c) 1971 and 1972.
(d) 1970 and 1971.

5. In _________ at Indianapolis, Mark Donohue is fed up with these problems, even though during much of his career this is just the sort of thing he has enjoyed doing.
(a) 1975.
(b) 1977.
(c) 1979.
(d) 1973.

6. Mark Donohue begins this chapter informing readers that the team is taking their race car to Indianapolis in order to do what?
(a) To win large amounts of prize money.
(b) Race against the best teams.
(c) To see how much the team has improved.
(d) Run tests on the wheels they are seriously considering using during the upcoming race season.

7. Does Mark feel that any of the fans have even the vaguest idea of what it is he is actually doing?
(a) Yes, many.
(b) Yes, most.
(c) Yes, a few.
(d) No.

8. What must happen to any problem the driver cannot handle?
(a) It must be engineered out of the car.
(b) The driver must be replaced.
(c) The problem must be accepted by the driver.
(d) The driver must be taught how to handle these problems.

9. Mark thinks he does not care about being famous until he thinks about what?
(a) How much he enjoys signing autographs.
(b) How he will feel going back to being a nobody.
(c) His disappointed fans.
(d) Being alone and unneeded once the season ends.

10. Can all drivers master the same troubles?
(a) Yes, often.
(b) Yes, most of the time.
(c) Yes, always.
(d) No, not always.

11. Mark says that he makes recommendations for certain changes but what happens in this case?
(a) Their recommendations are better than Mark's.
(b) They disagree with his suggestions.
(c) The others tell him that even without such changes the other driver was faster in the same car.
(d) The others do not trust Mark's ideas.

12. Mark feels maybe this accident is for the best. Why?
(a) The garage was in need of major repair.
(b) There is a lot of work for everyone.
(c) The Lolas were not good cars.
(d) The insurance covered all damages.

13. There is something about one of the cars the Penske team is running at Indianapolis that is particularly ______________ for Mark Donohue.
(a) Easy.
(b) Dangerous.
(c) Fun.
(d) Difficult.

14. Months are spent in deliberation about whether or not the Penske team should or would try ___________________.
(a) IRL racing.
(b) NASCAR racing.
(c) Formula One.
(d) Can-Am racing.

15. Mark writes that after ____________ years of losing, they have learned a great deal and Mark hopes to return as a team manager in a way that can make them win.
(a) A dozen.
(b) A couple.
(c) Many.
(d) One.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mark describe the Europeans?

2. McLaren is not doing very well at the time, and they end up getting Mark to drive one of their cars. Can this happen without taking him away from Roger Penske?

3. In this chapter, Mark travels to ________________ with Roger Penske.

4. Sunoco is interested in Formula A racing, partly because of what reason?

5. This chapter is dated _________.

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