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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. He tries what the others recommend and he tries other things. Why does he try other things?
(a) To rule out all possibilities.
(b) He is bored.
(c) He likes to be right.
(d) In case they are wrong or being intentionally deceitful.

2. They look for a way to get further into Formula One racing and realize that the opening at _________________ race track may enable them to get the team to the next level.
(a) Churchill Downs.
(b) Watkins Glen.
(c) Indianapolis.
(d) Michigan.

3. They are happy because they have satisfied ___________________ by winning the Fomula races with the Javelins.
(a) American Motors.
(b) General Motors.
(c) Ford Motors.
(d) Dodge Motors.

4. Donohue and his colleague ________ talk much of the night about what a great opportunity this is and what can be done with it.
(a) Conn.
(b) Cox.
(c) Conners.
(d) Colley.

5. What is one reason why the other drivers respond the way they do in number 139?
(a) They do not know how to deal with these troubles either.
(b) They do not like Mark.
(c) They do not hear Mark.
(d) They do not like to help each other.

6. Is success as a driver extremely important to Mark?
(a) Sometimes.
(b) Rarely.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

7. What must happen to any problem the driver cannot handle?
(a) The driver must be replaced.
(b) It must be engineered out of the car.
(c) The driver must be taught how to handle these problems.
(d) The problem must be accepted by the driver.

8. Mark Donohue disappoints everyone because he drives a car for the first time and what happens?
(a) He comes in slower and is unhappy with the whole vehicle.
(b) He wrecks it.
(c) He decides to quit racing.
(d) He returns back to the U.S.

9. This is a ____________ race, but their car has one anyway.
(a) Two wing.
(b) One wing.
(c) Three wing.
(d) No wing.

10. For the first time ever in Mark's professional racing career, it turns out that it is wrong to use _____________ differentials in his race car.
(a) Locked.
(b) Unlocked.
(c) Angular.
(d) Rounded.

11. There is a man named ________ who has an important role in introducing Mark Donohue to how they go about doing things in Europe.
(a) Faber.
(b) Faust.
(c) Frei.
(d) Flegl.

12. Sunoco is interested in Formula A racing, partly because of what reason?
(a) The cars that run it actually do rely on gasoline.
(b) The drivers are very experienced.
(c) The cars are very good.
(d) The prize for the winner is large.

13. The Europeans do not realize that the Americans are used to having who drive the race cars?
(a) Owners.
(b) Trained drivers.
(c) Engineers.
(d) Young men.

14. Mark says that he makes recommendations for certain changes but what happens in this case?
(a) They disagree with his suggestions.
(b) Their recommendations are better than Mark's.
(c) The others do not trust Mark's ideas.
(d) The others tell him that even without such changes the other driver was faster in the same car.

15. Mark suggests that they check for an alternative in cars that they can run where?
(a) In the IRL races.
(b) In the USAC races.
(c) In the dirt track races.
(d) In the NASCAR races.

Short Answer Questions

1. Is Mark getting worse at racing?

2. Mark feels maybe this accident is for the best. Why?

3. For Mark Donohue, does success have anything to do with the crowds?

4. Success relies on what?

5. There is a problem with the fire extinguishers, and what is the result?

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