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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mark become accustomed to winning rather quickly?
(a) He becomes very angry when he loses.
(b) He likes to win.
(c) He has always been a winner.
(d) It happens so often.

2. What does Mark realize about his car?
(a) Its limitations.
(b) Its power.
(c) Its strengths.
(d) Its quality.

3. Mark tells readers that he dislikes _______________ between himself and anyone else.
(a) Too much space.
(b) Relationships.
(c) Deals.
(d) Leaving bad feelings.

4. What is the source of his discouragement?
(a) Roger Penske.
(b) The Corvette.
(c) Racing in general.
(d) The Daimler.

5. What car do they use to try out in a new racing venue?
(a) An old, trustworthy car.
(b) One that has served them well in other races.
(c) One that will not serve them in the races in which they have been running thus far.
(d) A brand new car.

6. When does doing the normal work become more difficult?
(a) New team members are added.
(b) A new car is being worked on.
(c) The team doing it has trouble working together.
(d) The team members have changed roles.

7. Why was Mark able to place second at Indianapolis?
(a) He is the best driver in the race.
(b) The car he is driving is the fastest.
(c) The other drivers are all beginners.
(d) The car he is driving holds together whereas the others fall apart sooner.

8. Chapter 14: Mclaren M6-B focuses upon ___________________ and how relevant they are to automotive performance.
(a) Wheel bearings.
(b) Struts.
(c) Axle rods.
(d) Brakes.

9. Roger Penske has a business meeting with representatives of what company?
(a) Ford.
(b) General Motors.
(c) American Motors.
(d) Toyota.

10. Why is it not possible for Mark Donohue to figure out whether this car oversteers, understeers or neither at Indianapolis?
(a) The track is too fast.
(b) The track is too short.
(c) The track is too slow.
(d) The track is too narrow.

11. Mark notes how much he is affected by the answer to number 30 when what happens?
(a) He becomes close to a race car driver who is killed in a crash.
(b) He is alone for too long.
(c) Others trick him into signing bad deals.
(d) Another race car driver is killed in a crash.

12. The author points out how strong the relationship is between speed and ___________________.
(a) Weight.
(b) Aerodynamics.
(c) Depth.
(d) Width.

13. What happens when Mark grows very discouraged?
(a) He is almost fired.
(b) He almost completely stops racing.
(c) He drives in more races.
(d) He calls his mom.

14. They use the _______ wing for the final round of qualifying and for the real race.
(a) Flat.
(b) High.
(c) Medium.
(d) Low.

15. Does Mark ever feel like quitting?
(a) Yes, sometimes.
(b) Yes, always.
(c) Yes, often.
(d) No, never.

Short Answer Questions

1. With the new team in place, what do they do with the bulk of the previous system?

2. As what does Mark continue working?

3. There are times during races when Mark does surprisingly well. Why is this surprising?

4. Does Mark prefer to be alone?

5. What happens when Mark's vehicle has a problem with the chassis?

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