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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mark explains that when they build for long-distance races their primary concern is what?
(a) To build cars that can go the fastest.
(b) To build cars that can last the race.
(c) To build cars with a lot of horsepower.
(d) To build light weight cars.

2. The race cars, _____________ and the race tracks are featured in photos.
(a) The driver.
(b) The pit crew.
(c) The company owners.
(d) The Penske team.

3. How does this race allow them to feel?
(a) Nervous, yet excited.
(b) Anxious about their abilities.
(c) As if they can take certain kinds of risks they would never take in the other races.
(d) Conservative and restrained.

4. Why is there a serious debate about which type of tires to use in a given race?
(a) There is not much known about each brand of tires.
(b) None of the tires are of good quality.
(c) The conflict is over values and loyalties.
(d) Many of the tires seem to be the same.

5. The main action in this chapter is that the Penske team decides to rebuild __________ engine.
(a) A Ford.
(b) A Chevy.
(c) A Dodge.
(d) A Daimler.

6. What is the simple truth about street cars?
(a) They can be used for real racing.
(b) They are the same as race cars.
(c) They are no good for real racing.
(d) They are expensive.

7. Mark Donahue explains that they reach a perfectly legitimate business deal. What does Mark think about this deal?
(a) It is an unusual deal.
(b) It is a good deal.
(c) They are up to something.
(d) It is critical to his success.

8. Why is it not possible for Mark Donohue to figure out whether this car oversteers, understeers or neither at Indianapolis?
(a) The track is too short.
(b) The track is too slow.
(c) The track is too fast.
(d) The track is too narrow.

9. During the beginning, they run ________ wings.
(a) Low.
(b) Medium.
(c) Flat.
(d) High.

10. Who is Mark Donohue's funder and organizer of the racing team for which he normally drives?
(a) Roger Vickers.
(b) Roger Northlands.
(c) Roger Andretti.
(d) Roger Penske.

11. The author points out how strong the relationship is between speed and ___________________.
(a) Aerodynamics.
(b) Depth.
(c) Width.
(d) Weight.

12. Mark tells readers that he very nearly becomes "just ________________."
(a) A normal guy.
(b) A driver.
(c) About nothing.
(d) A normal engineer.

13. What does Mark realize about his car?
(a) Its limitations.
(b) Its quality.
(c) Its strengths.
(d) Its power.

14. ______________, who brings out the new Lolas every season, wants a number 10 on one of the cars.
(a) Carl Haas.
(b) Carlos Hacienda.
(c) Carlton Hession.
(d) Carley Homer.

15. What does Mark learn about automobiles?
(a) How they work.
(b) When they were first created.
(c) How fast they can go.
(d) What does and does not make a good race car.

Short Answer Questions

1. With the new team in place, what do they do with the bulk of the previous system?

2. Mark reports to readers that he thinks about it for how long, and then decides to go ahead and give it a try?

3. Are cars modified every season?

4. What car gets wrecked at the USAC races?

5. Why does the answer to number 28 come as a bit of a shock?

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