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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the source of his discouragement?
(a) The Corvette.
(b) Roger Penske.
(c) Racing in general.
(d) The Daimler.

2. Mark Donohue frequently acknowledges the help of whom?
(a) Roger Penske.
(b) Others.
(c) His son.
(d) His father.

3. How does the author die?
(a) In a car crash on the interstate.
(b) From a heart attack.
(c) In a car crash during a race.
(d) From cancer.

4. Once they find the correct adjustments, the car is ________ seconds faster per lap than the others.
(a) 25.
(b) 10.
(c) 5.
(d) 20.

5. The answer to number 70 breaks during the race and is repaired when?
(a) After the race.
(b) During the race.
(c) During rain delays.
(d) Never.

6. Roger Penske and his team players end up running ___________ cars in the USAC the next year.
(a) Loyola.
(b) GTO.
(c) Camaro.
(d) Eagle.

7. Why is it not possible for Mark Donohue to figure out whether this car oversteers, understeers or neither at Indianapolis?
(a) The track is too narrow.
(b) The track is too slow.
(c) The track is too short.
(d) The track is too fast.

8. What is Mark's funder's response regarding driving for another?
(a) Maybe.
(b) Not today.
(c) No.
(d) Yes.

9. The race cars, _____________ and the race tracks are featured in photos.
(a) The company owners.
(b) The driver.
(c) The Penske team.
(d) The pit crew.

10. In at least one case, there is a specific difficulty with a car that is so bothersome that it makes him want to do what?
(a) Stop racing.
(b) Sell the car.
(c) Not race the car.
(d) Buy a new car.

11. How does the Ferrari man feel about number 95?
(a) He is shocked by it.
(b) He is offended by this.
(c) He is jealous.
(d) He is happy about it.

12. The next section is about the building of ___________ racing cars.
(a) Large.
(b) Real.
(c) Odd.
(d) Small.

13. This is a car which Mark Donohue explains is __________________ at first.
(a) Terribly built.
(b) Terribly strong.
(c) Terribly boring.
(d) Terribly unstable.

14. Mark tries to drive for another team, but wisely does what?
(a) Tells Roger first.
(b) Asks Roger first.
(c) Goes home to think about this decision.
(d) Discusses the decision with his wife.

15. The Penske team enters ___________ racing.
(a) Formula.
(b) Drag.
(d) Indy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mark writes of qualifying a car for a race, and when he practices, he is _____________ near other cars.

2. Who is Mark Donohue's funder and organizer of the racing team for which he normally drives?

3. What is someone able to offer Mark Donohue for racing on a team?

4. Roger Penske always makes sure that Sunoco-Sun Oil Company has what?

5. The author points out how strong the relationship is between speed and ___________________.

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