Objects & Places from The Unfair Advantage

Mark Donohue
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This is the street car in which Mark Donahue first races.

Elva Courier

This is the very first real race car that the author of the book uses.


This city is featured as the site of important races for professional race car drivers. As Mark's career develops, he qualifies for races at this track.


There is one car during the first 3 years of Donahue's professional racing experiences in which this breaks. The manufacturer builds him a a new one that is up to the task and sends it to him for free.


Early in his career and in the book, Donahue's team does this when one of his competitors has cheated and won.


This is the name of a type of race car. Mark is once offered a spot driving for this company but does not do so, specifically because he tells Roger...

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