The Unfair Advantage Character Descriptions

Mark Donohue
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Mark Donohue

This character is the subject of the book and is a 20th century race car driver.

Dan Gurney

This is one of the men listed as being amongst the best race car drivers known to the author.


This is another famous race-car driver who is a contemporary of Mark Donohue. He is first mentioned in Chapter 6 as another driver in some of the same races in which Mark Donohue appears.

Roger Penske

This character owns and runs Donohue's racing team. He is a great organizer; he arranges for all their funding.

Walt Hansgen

This man is incredibly important in auto racing and in Mark Donohue's career. He is a more experienced driver who provides Mark with encouragement and connects him to opportunities that he might well not have had otherwise.


This is the name of a German engineer who appears late in the book...

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