The Unfair Advantage Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mark Donohue
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Chapter 1, Page vii

• The book begins with introductory writings by the son of the deceased author; Mark Donohue dies in a car crash during a race, and this book is published after his death.

• The son is delighted to have good memories of his father but has naturally grieved intensely over his loss.

• Mark Donohue is a mechanical engineering student who likes cars; he realizes that racing is a passion of his when he races his Corvette one night.

• He then begins to learn more about himself, as a man and a driver as well as learning a great deal more about automobiles--what does and does not make a good race car.
• The fact that street cars are no good for real racing is one of his first important lessons Mark learns about auto racing.

• Mark Donohue tells readers about his start in racing; he briefly recounts a...

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