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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 1: Part 4 (pp. 52-68).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Section 1: Part 1", how does the narrator describe the deaths of people he knows?
(a) As a burden he carries on his back.
(b) As a series of falling trees.
(c) As a hole in the ground.
(d) As a wrecked ship.

2. Who does the narrator say was the first member of the Grace family to greet him?
(a) The son.
(b) The daughter.
(c) The father.
(d) The mother.

3. In "Section 1: Part 2", what does the narrator wonder about himself?
(a) Is he rich?
(b) Is he obsessive?
(c) Is he troubled?
(d) Is he loved?

4. When the narrator receives a letter from Claire in "Section 1: Part 3", what does he decide to do?
(a) Not write her back.
(b) Send the letter back.
(c) Send her a present.
(d) Write her back.

5. Which member of the Grace family does the narrator call a "godling"?
(a) The father.
(b) Chloe.
(c) The mother.
(d) Myles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the narrator when he first meets Chloe?

2. Who is Mr. Todd?

3. What physical ailment does the narrator have in his dream in "Section 1: Part 2"?

4. What do stocking feet remind the narrator of?

5. How old is Miss Vavasour?

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