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Essay Topic 1

Analyze either the sea, ships, or storms as a motif in this novel. What does this symbolize?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the theme of family in "The Sea".

Essay Topic 3

Evaluate the author's use of foreshadowing in this novel. Is it effective to reveal tiny clues through the narrator's stories that later become clear? Is the foreshadowing too subtle to be effective?

Essay Topic 4

Analyze the effect of keeping it a secret until the end that Miss Vavasour is actually Rose. How does this affect the development of Miss Vavasour's character?

Essay Topic 5

What is the author's commentary on childhood?

Essay Topic 6

How does the author relate the physical deaths of Chloe and Anna to the spiritual deaths of the Colonel, the narrator, and even Miss Vavasour in "The Sea"?

Essay Topic 7

Evaluate the reliability of this narrator. Why is narrator reliability important?

Essay Topic 8

Compare and...

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