The Sea Character Descriptions

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The Narrator (Max)

This character moves into a boarding house after his wife dies.

The Gods

These characters represent one of the few ideals of youth.


This character is a French painter of intermediate skill and renown.

Miss Vavasour (Rose)

This character worked as a nanny in her youth, and runs a boarding house in the novel.

Colonel Blunden

This character's family promises to visit him, but don't show up.

Chloe Grace

This character drowns as a young teenager.

Carlo, Connie and Myles Grace

These characters represent a world of financial and familial stability.


This character loves photography and even photographs people in the hospital.

The Narrator's Father and Mother

These characters are used to represent a dysfunctional family.


This character blames her breakup on her father.


This character is wealthy and her family buys The Cedars.

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