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Section 1: Part 1 (pp. 3-18)

• The narrator talks about his memory of first meeting the Grace family.

• The narrator remembers learning about his wife's illness.

• The narrator introduces his room at the boarding house, The Cedars.

Section 1: Part 2 (pp. 18-32)

• The narrator describes when he first met Chloe.

• The narrator says his family life was full of tension before his father left.

• The narrator is working on an academic paper about a French artist.

Section 1: Part 3 (pp. 32-52)

• Claire, the narrator's daughter, sends the narrator a letter, but he does not plan on replying to it.

• The narrator remembers a drive he took with his daughter.

• Claire blames his father for a break-up, and he blames her for giving up on his career.

Section 1: Part 4 (pp. 52-68)

• The narrator wonders what happens in the other people's rooms at The Cedars during the night.

• The narrator remembers the first time...

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