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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom do Merlyn and Ambrose plan an elaborate funeral in Chapter 8?
(a) Arthur's wet nurse.
(b) Popilius.
(c) Donuil.
(d) Merlyn's aunt.

2. Why does Merlyn often try to avoid his dreams?
(a) Because they show him how rotten and cruel he is inside.
(b) Because they are dark, frightening, and prophetic.
(c) Because they are so silly.
(d) Because they are so sad -- and mostly about his dead wife.

3. How does Athol feel when Donuil returns to Eire?
(a) Jealous.
(b) Betrayed.
(c) Enraged.
(d) Very happy.

4. Where does Ambrose tell Merlyn he plans to stay in Chapter 6?
(a) Outside in the forest.
(b) Rome.
(c) Erin.
(d) Camulod.

5. Why are Merlyn and his men putting on a cavalry display for Athol and his men?
(a) They are trying to show off how powerful they are.
(b) They are required to do so by law.
(c) They requested one.
(d) They are trying to build friendship and this is how they do it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who made Excalibur?

2. What is the name of Connor's sister?

3. How does Athol come to accept Merlyn at the conclusion of Chapter 13?

4. What does Merlyn do when he finds Uther's body?

5. Who is Athol?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Merlyn come to realize his flying dream in Chapter 8 is actually about?

2. What does Connor tell Merlyn, when he is his captive, he is going to do with Merlyn and baby Arthur?

3. What does Merlyn tell the Council about his return in Chapter 4?

4. How does Merlyn come to realize this his cousin may not have killed his wife?

5. What is the history of Excalibur as described in Chapter 4?

6. What happens when Ironhair blocks Merlyn's way in Chapter 6?

7. What is problematic about Merlyn's decision to bring horses as a gift to Donuil's father?

8. Why does Merlyn come to realize that he was wrong in calling the Outlanders barbarians?

9. What is Merlyn's main mission as described in the Prologue in "The Saxon Shore"?

10. What do Merlyn and his men realize after they are attacked by, and then kill, the wild boar in Chapter 11?

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