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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Arthur react when he sees Excalibur for the first time?
(a) Even though he's very little, he can pick it up with ease.
(b) He doesn't react at all, almost like he's in a trance.
(c) He grips it strongly and doesn't want to let it go.
(d) He is disinterested.

2. How does Dergyll know that Merlyn is telling the truth about Ironhair?
(a) He makes him drink a truth serum.
(b) He just has to take a chance because he can't tell one way or the other.
(c) He had a premonition about it.
(d) He can see the truth in his face.

3. How does Merlyn feel as he heads to Liam Twistback's home for dinner?
(a) Unsure of what to expect.
(b) Easy and relaxed.
(c) Nervous about seeing Sheelagh again.
(d) Very defensive; he is worried Twistback might try to kill him.

4. What does Merlyn report to Dergyll about Ironhair?
(a) That he has taken a blood oath to protect him.
(b) That they are lovers.
(c) That the man tried to kill him.
(d) That they are brothers.

5. What do people come to think of Arthur as he gets older?
(a) Nearly everyone finds him delightful.
(b) That he is growing up to be spoiled.
(c) That he is super smart but not very nice.
(d) That he is very shy and needs to be a little friendlier.

6. What delays Merlyn's plans to seek justice for the attack in Chapter 21?
(a) Sheelagh's pregnancy.
(b) Bad snow and other weather.
(c) A dream his has.
(d) Arthur's illness.

7. Where does Sheelagh see Donuil after he has been gone during the Winter?
(a) In a tree, trying to see her, too.
(b) On a horse.
(c) On a ship.
(d) On a plane.

8. What message does Merlyn give Dergyll when they first meet?
(a) That he will kill them all bare-handed, as he has done before.
(b) That he is there only as a messenger for King Athol.
(c) That he is not there to fight but just wants his horses.
(d) That he has reinforcements on the way.

9. How many children do Amrbose and Ludmilla have?
(a) Two daughters.
(b) None; they don't want any children.
(c) Two sons and two daughters.
(d) Two sons.

10. How long does Merlyn have to wait for help with Mordecai?
(a) Only a few minutes.
(b) Only a few hours.
(c) One week.
(d) Just one night.

11. As he is falling asleep at the end of Chapter 20, what does Merlyn realize he just needs to think of in order to feel happy?
(a) His aunt.
(b) Arthur's wet nurse.
(c) Arthur.
(d) Sheelagh.

12. How has Ironhair betrayed Dergyll?
(a) He robbed him of some livestock.
(b) He claimed a link to Camulod.
(c) He told him a lot of lies and then took his money.
(d) He seduced his wife.

13. How does Lucanus react when he sees Merlyn and his group have returned?
(a) He thinks they are ghosts.
(b) He is both happy and sad, since now he has to share the spotlight.
(c) He is thrilled.
(d) He is mad because the gift he was planning isn't ready yet.

14. How long do the searchers agree to spend searching for Mordecai?
(a) One entire day.
(b) A few minutes.
(c) Two days.
(d) Two hours.

15. What does Sheelagh believe will happen with her and Donuil?
(a) They will have no children.
(b) They will have two sons and two daughters.
(c) They will have two sons.
(d) They will have two daughters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Merlyn tell Donuil about his realization of the meaning behind his prophetic dream as he and his men leave Eire?

2. How long were Merlyn and his group actually gone while they were in Eire?

3. What surprise do Merlyn and his group encounter when they first return to home soil in Chapter 19?

4. What does Merlyn think about in regard to Arthur as he heads home to Camulod from Eire?

5. What evidence do Merlyn and his men find by the hanging bodies in Chapter 26?

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