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Merlyn finds Arthur after a battle on a beach in this location.


Merlyn and Arthur are taken onto this, where their captors try to determine whether or not to kill them.


This location is Merlyn's home. It's a beautiful, large area filled with many resources from abundant food to a strong cavalry and strong infantry.


This sword, made by Merlyn's ancestors, is unmatched for its beauty and strength. It sings with its purity. Someday it will be Arthur's sword.

Port Town

When the soldiers try to find transportation for the men and the horses to Eire, they are attacked here.


This is a land different from Camulod. It doesn't have roads, and it rains frequently.

King's Hut

The men are surprised at the simplicity of this location -- King Athol's dwelling -- even though it's not his main house.


Merlyn gives Athol...

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