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Lesson 1 (from Book 1, Cornwall: Prologue - Chapter 5)


Prologue - Chapter 5

Jack Whyte is a very well-known author, especially for his work with The Camulod Chronicles. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about Jack Whyte as the author of "The Saxon Shore" -- and why it's important to learn about the author of a text.


1) Focusing Exercise: Have students write for 5 minutes in response to the following prompt: "Why is knowing information about the author important when reading a text?" Collect their responses.

2) Class Lecture: Lecture the class for 5-10 minutes with some information about Jack Whyte. Who is he? What is he known for? What is his life like? His education? What inspired him to write The Camulod Chronicles series (which is known as the A Dream of Eagles series in Canada)? What has happened over the years in regard to the series's popularity? What in particular in "The...

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