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Short Answer Questions

1. Llewelyn tells his men they must wait to go to war until when?

2. Who escorts Julianna to her destination after Ellen dies?

3. Why does Ellen avoid Llewelyn in Chapter 24?

4. Llewelyn plans to make Roger de Mortimer his ________.

5. Who does Ellen give birth to?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Llewelyn spend the day he is away from home because he and Ellen are fighting?

2. How does King Edward punish Davydd?

3. What news does Elund surprise everyone with in Chapter 28?

4. What actions does Edward take in Chapter 22 to gain Llewelyn's trust and demonstrate that he plans to protect Llewelyn as his liege lord?

5. What happens to Llewelyn when he is in the South in Chapter 36, trying to secure the loyalty of the men there?

6. What is offered the second time Edward sends John over to a peace offering, and how is this offering received.

7. What does Edward do on Llewelyn's wedding day to try and ruin it?

8. What is Edward's plan when he sends John Peckham to Llewelyn in Chapter 34?

9. What is significant about the day Davydd decides to lead his attack?

10. Why does Julianna decide to leave in Chapter 33?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hugh appears throughout The Reckoning in many different situations, building different relationships with many different characters. Please discuss Hugh's role in The Reckoning. What does his presence add to the plot? Why does the author include him?

Essay Topic 2

Ellen and Caitlin both show that they are not confined by the gender role and expectations of their time and class. Compare and contrast these two women and how they broke through gender barriers.

Essay Topic 3

There are many conflicts throughout The Reckoning. Compare and contrast at least three different types of conflict from the list below:

• Man against Man

• Man against Nature

• Man against Himself

• Man against God

• Man against Society

• Man caught in the Middle

• Man & Woman

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