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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Hugh's father die while fighting with?

2. How long after Llewelyn contacts Nell in Chapter 11 does she die?

3. How many witnesses does Llewelyn have against Davydd in the murder plot?

4. What do Llewelyn and his brother fight over?

5. How does Edward feel about Ellen pouring her glass out at Davydd's feet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Amaury in Chapter 31?

2. How does Hugh show great loyalty to Ellen in Chapter 15?

3. How is Ellen able to improve Llewelyn's mood for their wedding day?

4. Who is Roger de Mortimer?

5. How is Hugh rewarded for his loyalty to Bran and Bran's family in Chapter 5?

6. What news does Elund surprise everyone with in Chapter 28?

7. Describe the situation created for the Jews by Edward.

8. What does Elizabeth lament to Hugh at the end of the book?

9. Describe Ellen's travels in Chapter 12 to meet her husband.

10. How does Davydd defend himself to Llewelyn regarding the murder plot when they meet privately?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Identify and discuss the genre of The Reckoning, being sure to supply details from the book that demonstrate how it qualifies for the genre and sub genre (if applicable) you assign it. Also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this genre.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss King Edward's character. Does he have any redeeming qualities, or is he pure evil? Does the author do a good job of making him seem human? Does he show any character growth throughout The Reckoning?

Essay Topic 3

Determine who the protagonist of this story is, and who or what is the antagonist.

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