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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What group of people has Edward segregated?
(a) Non-religous people.
(b) Christian people.
(c) Jewish people.
(d) Catholic people.

2. Which of the following of Llewelyn's relatives is NOT buried at the Abby church?
(a) His grandfather.
(b) His sons.
(c) His daughters.
(d) His wife, Joanna.

3. How long after Llewelyn contacts Nell in Chapter 11 does she die?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two hours.
(c) Two months.
(d) Two days.

4. What is the only thing in Amaury's prison cell?
(a) A blanket.
(b) A rat's nest.
(c) A small box.
(d) A small pallet.

5. After hearing the confession of who was behind the plot to murder him, Llewelyn burns Gruffydd's castle at ________ to the ground and claims the Powys lands.
(a) Dolforwyn.
(b) Trallwng.
(c) Shrewsbury.
(d) Bristol.

6. How is Bran related to Simon?
(a) Bran is Simon's father.
(b) Simon is Bran's father.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) Simon is Bran's uncle.

7. How does Davydd feel about the land Edward rewards him with in Chapter 19?
(a) Suspicious.
(b) Deserving.
(c) Exctatic.
(d) Guilty.

8. What inhibits the murder plot in Chapter 9 from actually happening?
(a) Lightening hitting the castle during a storm.
(b) Davydd gets too worried and calls it off.
(c) Heavy rain and a mudslide.
(d) The plot is revealed too early and Llewelyn finds out.

9. What does Edward return to Nell from her first marriage?
(a) A house.
(b) Land.
(c) Cattle.
(d) Her maiden name.

10. King Edward summons Llewelyn to do homage to him as a __________ lord.
(a) Vassal.
(b) Secondary.
(c) Primary.
(d) Liege.

11. How does Llewelyn respond when Davydd asks if he would have believed it if someone had accused Tudur or Einion of the murder plot?
(a) Llewelyn refuses to answer the question.
(b) Llewelyn admits he would not have believed it; he trusts Tudor and Einion.
(c) Llewelyn says he would have made Tudor and Einoion answer defend themselves just like Davydd is.
(d) Llewelyn hesitates so long that Davydd says his silence has already answered the question.

12. In Chapter 6, where is the messenger from who comes to see Edward?
(a) Palermo.
(b) Genoa.
(c) Emir.
(d) Montargis.

13. The story addresses royal houses from England and ________.
(a) Scotland.
(b) Wales.
(c) France.
(d) Ireland.

14. Why does Edward believe he is blessed and doing 'God's work'?
(a) He is royalty.
(b) He saw a vision of God.
(c) He didn't die from the stab wound.
(d) God came to him in a dream.

15. What surprised does Ellen find out in Chapter 11?
(a) She has to sell her land.
(b) Edward wants to marry her.
(c) Llewelyn wants to marry her.
(d) Nell is not her birth mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what castle does King Edward want Llewelyn to swear homage in?

2. Where is the crew of Ellen's cog stranded in Chapter 14?

3. What request does Llewelyn send Nell in Chapter 11?

4. What is Edward stabbed with in Chapter 6?

5. How does Ellen initially respond to the question Davydd asks her upon their first meeting?

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