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1. Describe the battle that the occurred five years prior to the beginning of the novel.

Five years prior to the beginning of the novel at the battle of Evesham, the English Prince Edward defeats his uncle, the rebel Simon de Montfort. Edward allows his Simon's body to be butchered and the parts are shipped across the country as souvenirs.

2. Who is Hugh de Whitton, and what is his role in the first chapter of the book?

Hugh de Whitton is a 14 year old orphan because his father was killed while fighting Simon in the battle of Evesham. Brother Damian has been caring for Hugh at Evesham Abbey. In Chapter 1, Simon's son, Bran, requests help from Hugh and Brother Damian because he is wounded and agents of King Henry are after him. Hugh knows he will have to leave the Abby soon anyway, and he has nowhere to go, so he volunteers to take Bran across the boarder of Wales.

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