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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapters 1, Evesham Abby, England, January 1271- 3, Siena, Tuscany, March 1271 The Reckoning by Sharon Kay Penman is a fictional account of the royal houses of Wales and England between the years of 1271 and 1283. Fiction means the story is either wholly or partially not factual - it is made up by the author. The objective of this lesson is to clarify that The Reckoning contains some true elements, but the story itself is invented by the author.

1. Five Minute Free-Write: After reading the first three chapters, do you consider The Reckoning fiction or non-fiction?

2. Group Work: Have each group research one of the following, then present it to the class in a 3-5 minute presentation:
* Character names
* The English and Wales royal houses in 1271-1283
* The English and Wales social rules and culture in 1271-1283.

3. Class Discussion: Were Wales and English really in a constant state of war...

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