The Reckoning Character Descriptions

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Llewelyn ap Gruffydd

This person is the protagonist of the story and Prince of Wales, who dies on the battlefield fighting against the English King for the freedom of Wales.

King Edward

This cruel individual, called the greatest warrior in Christendom, rules England while he waits for his father to die.

Ellen de Montfort

At 12 years old, this individual is engaged to the Prince of Wales.

Queen Eleanora

This Spanish individual is foreign to the English people and never truly accepted.

Hugh de Whitton

This character is a young orphan of fifteen, living with the Monks in Evesham. He is eventually knighted for his behavior protecting a member of the royal family.

Davydd ap Gruffydd

This character has a very savvy tongue, but loses his older brother's trust forever when caught trying to kill him.

Elizabeth de Ferrers

This character initially does not want the marriage she is...

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