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Chapters 1, Evesham Abby, England, January 1271- 3, Siena, Tuscany, March 1271

• This is a fictional account of the royal houses of Wales and England, 1271 - 1283.

• Five years prior to the novel's start, at the battle of Evesham, English Prince Edward defeats his rebel uncle Simon de Montfort, whose body parts are then parts are shipped across the country as souvenirs.

• The de Montfort family can never forgive their cousin for his brutality.

• Chapter 1 - Brother Damian takes care of 14-year-old orphan Hugh de Whitton at Evesham Abbey.

• Hugh and Brother Damian encounter Bran, Simon's son, who is wounded and being pursued by agents of the English King Henry.

• Hugh volunteers to guide Bran across the border into Wales.

• The Prince of Wales, Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, supported Simon, and will provide shelter and protection for Simon's son.

• Back in Wales, there is tension between Llewelyn and his brothers over inherited land...

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