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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11: The New England Way.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arminianism is based on the theological ideas of what Dutch Reformed theologian?
(a) Jacobus Arminius
(b) Isaac Arminus
(c) Elmore Arminian
(d) James Arminus

2. When did Richard Bellingham arrive in Massachusetts?
(a) 1655
(b) 1631
(c) 1634
(d) 1645

3. The author says of Winthrop in Chapter 3: “A Shelter and a Hiding Place” that he “did not aim at power for the sake of power, but he longed to” do what?
(a) Separate the colony from control of the King
(b) Found a religious Eden
(c) Use his talents in the cause of God
(d) Use his talents for the creation of wealth

4. What substantial and straightforward freeman from Dorchester drew up a list of arguments against Winthrop’s cause with the General Court, leading Winthrop to ride him down as "a troubler of Israel,” according to the author in Chapter 11: “The New England Way”?
(a) Israel Stoughton
(b) William Laud
(c) George Phillips
(d) Thomas Fones

5. Who was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Company when John Winthrop went to Cambridge to sign the agreement to be ready by the following March to Embark for New England?
(a) John Haynes
(b) William Bradford
(c) John Wilson
(d) Matthew Cradock

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the estate that Adam Winthrop purchased as a confiscated monastery at Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk?

2. In the spring of 1637, the Massachusetts Bay Colony became involved in a war with what Indian tribe?

3. When Roger Williams was first offered a position as minister at the Salem church, John Winthrop wrote to whom, marveling that they would choose a teacher with such dangerous views?

4. What well-known Suffolk antiquary and friend of Winthrop told him of going to the New World, "The church and common welthe heere at home, hath more neede of your best abyllitie in these dangerous tymes, than any remote plantation"?

5. The author states in Chapter 7: “A Due Form of Government,” that when Winthrop and eleven other members of the Massachusetts Bay Company met “on August 26, 1629, they agreed to go to New England if the charter and headquarters of the company could be transferred with them.” How many of the twelve kept their pledge, arriving with Winthrop or shortly after?

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