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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6: A Special Commission.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What company established the Sagadahoc Colony in 1607 in present-day Maine?
(a) The Dorchester Company
(b) The Massachusetts Bay Company
(c) The Plymouth Company
(d) The St. James Charter Company

2. When John Winthrop was young, his father became a director at what college?
(a) Abingdon and Witney College
(b) Aylesbury College
(c) Oxford College, London
(d) Trinity College, Cambridge

3. Arminianism is based on the theological ideas of what Dutch Reformed theologian?
(a) James Arminus
(b) Elmore Arminian
(c) Isaac Arminus
(d) Jacobus Arminius

4. In what year did John Winthrop’s eldest son, John Jr., come of age?
(a) 1701
(b) 1565
(c) 1635
(d) 1627

5. How many men, women, and children were aboard the four ships of John Winthrop’s fleet that first arrived in the New World on the Massachusetts Bay Charter?
(a) 250
(b) 300
(c) 400
(d) 200

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom did James I appoint as Archbishop of Canterbury?

2. Tattershall is described in Chapter 4: “The Way to a New England” as the home of whom?

3. When did Mary Tudor die?

4. On what date did John Winthrop pen a letter to his wife Margaret that said, “Yet for all these thinges (I prayse my God) I am not discouraged, nor doe I see cause to repent, or dispaire of those good dayes heere, which will make amends for all”?

5. Why did many members of Parliament oppose the marriage of Charles I?

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