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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three, Chapter Sixteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rav Kalman ask during Reuven's oral exams?
(a) A question that is not supposed to be asked.
(b) To explain David's book.
(c) He refuses to ask Reuven a question.
(d) To show the relation between two Jewish sects.

2. Where do the narrator and Rachel spend the summer together?
(a) In Nova Scotia.
(b) In Peekskill.
(c) On a ranch in the Rockies.
(d) In New Brunswick.

3. Why is Professor Gordon exhausted at the opening to Chapter 4?
(a) Because he has had the flu.
(b) From his worldwide travels.
(c) From a speaking engagment in San Francisco.
(d) From working so hard on a new book.

4. What does Kalman ask Reuven one day after class?
(a) If Reuven wants to be his research assistant.
(b) If Reuven is dating Rachel Gordon.
(c) If Rueven was associating with Professor Gorden at Frankel library.
(d) If Reuven's father could give Kalman a call.

5. According to rumors, what is one thing Kalman goes through during WWII?
(a) Seeing his family shot.
(b) Fleeing from Germany to Australia.
(c) Seeing his children taken for adoption by German families.
(d) Being forced to work in mines in Poland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sects have inhabited the narrator's neighborhood?

2. Who does Kalman believe has the authority to interpret ancient Hebrew texts?

3. What does Reuven decide to teach Michael?

4. What is one thing that is established in the narrator's neighborhood as it becomes more populous?

5. Of what does Kalman remind Reuven?

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