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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three, Chapter Sixteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to David Malter, how do scribal errors influence his interpretation of texts?
(a) The errors give him the authority to re-interpret words.
(b) They render the texts useless.
(c) The errors are not mentioned by the narrator.
(d) They do not have any bearing on how he interprets texts.

2. For what purpose does Professor Gordon want Reuven to bring his friend Daniel Saunders to the Gordon home?
(a) To ask Daniel about his experiences in a concentration camp.
(b) Because Rachel would like to meet Daniel.
(c) As a mitzvah.
(d) To see if Daniel and Michael will hit if off.

3. Who asks Danny to visit?
(a) Abraham Gordon.
(b) Rav Kalman.
(c) Professor Mink.
(d) David Malter.

4. What surprises Kalman's Torah class?
(a) Kalman's humility.
(b) Kalman's apology to Greenfield.
(c) Kalman's announcement about his teacher.
(d) Kalman's behavior towards Professor Gordon.

5. What does Reuven say about Rachel Gordon?
(a) That she is not educated enough for him to be interested in her.
(b) That she is too intellectual for him to consider her as a wife.
(c) That she is part of an excommunicated family and therefore someone he could not marry.
(d) That there was nothing between him and Rachel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kalman say to Reuven in class?

2. What does Rav Kalman ask Reuven?

3. About what does Michael display much knowledge?

4. What is one adjective that describes Kalman?

5. What sects have inhabited the narrator's neighborhood?

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