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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three, Chapter Sixteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Michael and Reuven talk about as far as the clouds go?
(a) If the clouds are solid in another dimension.
(b) What the shapes look like.
(c) Whether they portend a storm.
(d) If they can support angels.

2. What past experience of Rabbi Kalman's does Reuven mention?
(a) The death of the Rabbi's oldest daughter.
(b) Fleeing Germany New Zealand in the late 1930s.
(c) Fighting in the Jewish underground in Germany.
(d) Being interned in a concentration camp.

3. What does Rav Kalman ask during Reuven's oral exams?
(a) He refuses to ask Reuven a question.
(b) To show the relation between two Jewish sects.
(c) A question that is not supposed to be asked.
(d) To explain David's book.

4. Where is David Malter offered a position?
(a) Nowhere.
(b) He does not want a new position.
(c) At the Yeshiva where Professor Gordon teaches.
(d) At the Frankel Seminary.

5. What is going on with Michael during this time?
(a) He is sitting silent and motionless on his mattress.
(b) He is talking about his feelings finally.
(c) He has killed himself.
(d) He is in a coma.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Reuven encounter Professor Gordon?

2. What does Kalman say Reuven has to do before Kalman will offer his scholarly approval of Reuven?

3. What sects have inhabited the narrator's neighborhood?

4. What does Kalman think Reuven wavers between?

5. Why does Michael hate his parents?

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