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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three, Chapter Sixteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael say his nosebleeds are not a result of?
(a) Thin blood.
(b) Exertion.
(c) Anxiety.
(d) Trauma.

2. What does Kalman claim unravels and destroys the Talmud's authority?
(a) David Malter's claims that there are errors in the transcriptions of the Talmud.
(b) Any scholar's insistence on breaking from traditional methods of interpretation.
(c) No having a definitive authority since WWII.
(d) The Jews having had so much previous Talmudic work destroyed during WWII.

3. About whom does Michael fantasize?
(a) Reuven.
(b) Rachel.
(c) Michael's next-door neighbor.
(d) Sarah.

4. What does Kalman do in protest about the planned changes at his school?
(a) Stops coming to class.
(b) Moves to Israel.
(c) Threatens suicide.
(d) Leaves the United States for his homeland.

5. What does Reuven hear about Michael?
(a) Very little.
(b) That his case appears hopeless.
(c) That Michael is in a permanent facility for the mentally ill.
(d) That Michael is doing quite well.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michael still refuse to do?

2. What does Professor Gordon look over at the Zechariah Frankel library?

3. Where is David Malter offered a position?

4. Who does Kalman say was his teacher of the Torah?

5. How was Danny taught about suffering by his father?

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