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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two, Chapter Nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reuven hear about Michael?
(a) Very little.
(b) That Michael is in a permanent facility for the mentally ill.
(c) That his case appears hopeless.
(d) That Michael is doing quite well.

2. What does Kalman think Reuven wavers between?
(a) The physical and spiritual worlds.
(b) Hot and cold.
(c) Zeal and apathy.
(d) Orthodoxy and heterodoxy.

3. How do David Malter and Rav Kalman differ academically?
(a) They use different interpretive methods.
(b) One takes an academic approach and one takes a literal approach.
(c) They base their research on different texts.
(d) They base their research on the same texts but different editions.

4. Who does Michael see briefly?
(a) Danny.
(b) Mrs. Gordon.
(c) His grandparents who are visiting from Israel.
(d) His mother.

5. What leads Reuven to read books by Professor Gordon?
(a) Reuven's father asks him to do so.
(b) Reuven's distaste for Rabbi Kalman.
(c) Reuven's search for meaning.
(d) Reuven's interest in Rachel Gordon.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Michael get a nosebleed?

2. About what does Reuven say he has no right to be angry?

3. With whom does Kotzker Rebbe have disagreements?

4. Why are Rachel and Reuven nervous about what Michael is doing?

5. What classes does Reuven study?

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