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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)


Judaism. Much of this novel concerns the Jewish faith; therefore, a general understanding of Judaism will make for a more interesting read and will offer the reader insights into some of the major conflicts of the novel.

The objective of this lesson is to gain insight into the Jewish faith and culture.


1. Homework: Break the students into groups of 4 and assign one specific aspect of Judaism to each group to research and prepare a ten minute class presentation. Some possible areas of research: 1. Early history. 2. History around the time of the novel (1940-1955). 3. Is Judaism a religion or culture or both? 4. What are the major sects of Judaism in the 1950s and how do they differ? 5. How were men viewed in early Judaism? 6. How are men viewed in Judaism of 1950s. 7. How are women regarded in early Judaism? 8. How are women regarded in the Judaism...

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