The Promise Character Descriptions

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Reuven Malter

He is the main character and the son of a Rabbi and widely renowned Talmudic Scholar.

Michael Gordon

This character is the fourteen-year-old precocious son of a liberal Jewish professor who wants to retain Jewish traditional religious practices while abandoning Jewish theology.

Daniel Saunders

This character is Reuven's childhood friend and a brilliant psychologist who shocked his father and community by refusing to become a Rebbe.

Abraham Gordon

This character is a professor and liberal teacher of Judaism who forms one of the major poles of conflict in the Promise.

David Malter

This character a widely-renowned Talmud scholar who is torn between tradition and modernity and whose son is the narrator.

Rav Kalman

This character is Reuven's Talmud teacher, who survived the concentration camps and is rigidly orthodox in his theology, criticizing anyone who deviates.

Rachel Gordon

This character falls in love with Danny and marries...

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