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• The narrator introduces his small, Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, in which, by 1950, the population is exploding.

• The neighborhood had a few Hasidic sects, but now Jews are migrating there from lands where they are persecuted.

• The neighborhood establishes new educational institutions.

• The narrator, who lives among orthodox Jewish believers decides to become a Rabbi.
• The narrator meets Rachel Gordon at a party.

• Rachel is the niece of Abraham Gordon, a professor of Jewish philosophy who is hated by orthodox Jews.

• Rachel and the narrator spend the summer of 1951 together in Peekskill, a small town 30 miles from New York City.

• During that summer, the narrator also meets and spends time with Michael, Rachel's cousin.

Book One, Chapter One

• Reuven (the narrator), Rachel and Michael go to the fair, where Michael gets a nosebleed while riding the roller coaster.

• The three friends go to watch a dice game, which...

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