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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do some foolish men believe will purify them from a lifetime of sin?
(a) Wisdom.
(b) A sacrificed pig.
(c) Folly.
(d) A single coin.

2. What do men gain by hunting, in Folly's opinion?
(a) Degeneration.
(b) Masculinity.
(c) Maturity.
(d) Meat.

3. Which wise men of his day did Folly say that Christ attacked?
(a) Rhetoricians, orators, and Stoics.
(b) Rabbis.
(c) Schoolmasters.
(d) Pharisees, scribes, and teachers of the Law.

4. About whom is Folly speaking in the following: "They pay high tribute to folly in believing that what can't be refuted by argument can often be parried by laughter."
(a) Kings.
(b) Merchants.
(c) Rhetoricians.
(d) Popes.

5. Folly believes that medicine and law are an aspect of what?
(a) Flattery.
(b) Prudence.
(c) Nature.
(d) Wisdom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Folly states that which group of people listens to the preaching of monks?

2. Which group of learned men does Folly mock for cloaking and bearding themselves to command respect?

3. Which god claims to free the mind from care?

4. Why are poets not as much in debt to Folly as schoolmasters are?

5. Folly says that popes would lose all advantages if they showed what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Before using the Scriptures, which authorities does Folly cite as supporting her?

2. After comparing herself to Bacchus, in what ways does Folly consider herself superior to the other gods?

3. What are naturally-born fools and idiots free from, according to Folly?

4. What does Ecclesiastes say about folly?

5. What examples does Folly give of the benevolent form of insanity?

6. What example does Folly take from the animal kingdom to prove her point that the most foolish are the happiest?

7. How does Folly compare theologians to the apostles?

8. How does Folly say that schoolmasters are indebted to her?

9. How does Folly respond to the argument that foolishness is an unhappy state?

10. Describe the worship of the goddess Folly.

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